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Forum Rules
General Forum Rules
General rules for the forum. Very definitely read these.
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Rules for the Exchange Forums
Specific rules for using the Exchange areas of the forum. Read these BEFORE you post anything.
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wave man
New To The Forum?
Front Door
Here new users can introduce themselves and learn a bit about existing members. Start a topic and say G'day. This area is NOT for general discussion.
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Stuff You Should Probably Read
Useful information for newcomers and old timers alike. This forum contains various topics that will tell you how the forum works, what's available and any interesting things that might be going on from time to time.
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Custom Makers Area
In The Workshop
Are you a custom maker of knives and/or other related gear? If so, this is the place for you to talk about your activities, show off your creations and discuss your craft with anyone interested.
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Last Post: Workshop space
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Shed Talk (229/2,246)
Forge WIP (43/421)
Knife Build Offs (12/462)
Sinclair Knives Australia
A forum for Mark to discuss his work.
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60 817
by IanF
DMac Knives and Blacksmithing
Where DMac talks about his work.
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Last Post: Seax finished
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by IanF
Warrick Edmonds Knives
Warrick's discussion forum.
Topics: 79 Posts: 1,766
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Tinbasher's Forum
A place for Tinbasher to show off and discuss his stuff.
Topics: 135 Posts: 1,249
Last Post: Perth knife show
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Mark Sinclair
Barking Gecko Forge
Custom maker of slipjoints, chef knives and all things sharp.
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Last Post: Welcome
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by gajinoz
Barnett Custom Knives
A place for Bruce to discuss his work.
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Last Post: New linerlock
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by johny8
SLH Blades
A place for hally72 to discuss their work.
Topics: 60 Posts: 487
Last Post: Tactical Dagger
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by hally72
Mefflin Knives
A place for Pierre to discuss his work.
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Gidgee Knives
A place for Scottie to display and discuss his work.
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by gajinoz
Delta Knife Works
Discussion area for his work.
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Last Post: Welcome
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Mark Sinclair
Matt Brook Knives
Forum for Matt to display and discuss his work with those interested.
Topics: 49 Posts: 833
Last Post: 2018 wip
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Doug Hurstfield
Alistair Phillips Knives
Forum for Alistair to display and discuss his work with those interested.
Topics: 23 Posts: 653
Last Post: Kapara Giveaway
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Stewart Townsend Knives
Stewart's discussion forum.
Topics: 20 Posts: 1,101
Last Post: John Jones knives
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Del Raso Knives
Hurstfield Knives
A place for Doug to discuss his knives.
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Last Post: Thru tang hunter #2
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The Australian Cutler
A place for Adam to discuss and display his work.
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32 156
Ronald Knives
A place for greplington to discuss his work.
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Nixon's Knives
A place for Stephen to discuss his work
Topics: 45 Posts: 165
45 165
Dion Curnow Blades (DCBlades)
A place for Dion to discuss his work.
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Huntsman Fabrications
I'm a new knifemaker in Central Victoria. I make mostly kitchen knives and slipjoint pocket knives
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The Gallery
Knife Makers
This section is for knife makers to display their creations. If you have made it, show it off here.
Topics: 1,403 Posts: 17,256
Last Post: First Forged Knife
1,403 17,256
by IanF
Your Collection
Show off your favourite knives or other edged tools. The stuff you like to show off, your safe queens and your investments. Let us have a look at them.
Topics: 897 Posts: 9,520
897 9,520
Your Tools At Work
Show us your knives and axes and suchlike doing what they were made to do. Chopping wood or just peeling some potatoes, whatever, let's seee them at work.
Topics: 79 Posts: 982
79 982
by Timmy
Knife Show Pictures
If you have pictures of any knife shows, this is the place to display them. Include some details such as where and when and any names, (if known), of the people in them. (Forum name is fine.)
Topics: 227 Posts: 999
227 999
Have Your Say
General Blade Discussion
Here you can discuss anything relating to edged tools and related gear and equipment. All forum rules MUST be followed at all times, posts will be deleted if inappropriate. Zero tolerance for abusive behaviour. Other than that, have fun. Off topic posts should be made in the Off Topic Lounge.
Topics: 5,959 Posts: 82,366
5,959 82,366
Kitchen Knives (111/1,038)
Sharpening (174/1,890)
The Military Connection
For those interested in military knives, swords, bayonets and the like. All normal forum rules apply.
Topics: 468 Posts: 4,286
468 4,286
Military Monday (42/241)
Going Bush
Set up camp in here, stick the billy on the fire and tell us about your outdoors activities. Camping, bushwalking, rock climbing, but probably not synchronised swimming. Talk about the places you go, the gear you use and how you use it.
Topics: 492 Posts: 4,832
492 4,832
wave man
Leatherwork, Sheaths & Other Crafts
If you're into sheath making or leatherwork or any crafts that might be of interest on the forum, this is the place for you.
Topics: 276 Posts: 2,962
Last Post: Buying a Dead Cow
276 2,962
by mitch13
Is It Real?
This area is for discussion of fakes and other dodgy knives that people have come across. It is primarily for the education of anyone new to the game to help them avoid being caught out. NOTE: Read the sub forum special rules before posting.
Topics: 253 Posts: 2,832
Last Post: Fakes in Aus
253 2,832
by rolls
Spyderco Knife Discussion
This forum is specifically for the discussion of all things Spyderco
Topics: 323 Posts: 5,352
Last Post: Spyderco Pics
323 5,352
by mitch13
Technical Stuff
Forum Feedback and Support
Here you can post your suggestions or questions about the forum and its operation. This is NOT a general chat area.
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Knife Shows
Knife Shows
Information about upcoming knife shows.
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Firearms and Militaria Shows
This sub forum is the place for all Firearm and Militaria sub forums
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Last Post: new 10rnd shotgun
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wave man
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Production Knives and Edged Tools
This area is for listing any production knives and edged tools. Posts archived after 2 months. Post limits apply, please read the rules
Topics: 39 Posts: 117
Last Post: SOLD Spyderco Delica
39 117
Custom Sales by Maker
This area is for MAKERS of knives and related items. Here they can list anything they might have for sale. Sold or withdrawn items archived periodically.
Topics: 3 Posts: 3
3 3
Custom Sales - NON Maker
If you have a custom knife or related item but you are NOT the maker of it and you wish to sell it, this is the place for you. Posts archived after 6 months
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2 3
Customised Knives
This area is for production knives or kit knives that have been customised in some way. Read sticky thread for more details.
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2 2
Gadgets, Gear & Other NON Blade Stuff
Here you can list for sale, trade or wanted all those items that include things like packs, torches, bushwalking/camping stuff and whatever else takes your fancy as long as it is NOT illegal. READ THE EXCHANGE RULES BEFORE POSTING Posts archived after 6 months
Topics: 23 Posts: 70
23 70
Knife Materials and Parts
This is the area for you if you have knife materials and parts to sell. Wood, bone, metal, screws or whatever materials you might make a knife out of.
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Bulk Buy Area
This area is those who plan to make a bulk buy of items and wish to invite others to participate. NOTE: Read sticky thread BEFORE posting.
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Trading Post
This area is for those who want to TRADE something for some other object. It is NOT a sale area. Read sticky thread for specific rules.
Topics: 3 Posts: 4
Last Post: Blue Mili and TK2
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Wood butcher
The "Wanted Forum" is for "Items - Wanted for purchase" not "Purchasers - Wanted for item". Place your wanted ad here. Posts archived after 2 months. Offers by PM please
Topics: 32 Posts: 54
32 54
The Freebie Zone
Have something you want to give away? List it in here and send it off to some deserving person. Normal Exchange rules apply.
Topics: 3 Posts: 15
3 15
by Kbr3945
Business Park
Gameco Artisan Supplies
A forum for Gameco to promote and discuss their products and business with anyone interested.
Topics: 238 Posts: 4,233
238 4,233
Australian Knife Sales
This sub forum is for Zero Tolerance Knife Sales Aust. to promote their products and for interested forum members to discuss the products and services offered by Zero Tolerance Knife Sales Aust.
Topics: 33 Posts: 60
33 60
ZU Bladeworx Australia
A place for ZU Bladeworx to promote their products.
Topics: 10 Posts: 43
Last Post: New ZU model
10 43
Turning Timbers: Knife Scales and Blocks
This sub forum is for Turning Timbers to promote products and services on offer to interested ABF members.
Topics: 205 Posts: 398
205 398
Knife Mad's Gear
Knives, orders taken and best prices.
Topics: 5 Posts: 12
Last Post: Current Stock list
5 12
Knife mad
Custom Hand Engraving by Danae
An area for Danae to discuss, promote and sell her work.
Topics: 72 Posts: 1,343
72 1,343
Gelandangan - Custom Tools Supply
This area is for gelandangan to discuss and promote his products with anyone interested.
Topics: 33 Posts: 564
33 564 - Custom Made Knife Scales
This area is for suingab to discuss and promote his products.
Topics: 4 Posts: 505
4 505
84 Engineering
A place for 84 Engineering to discuss, promote and sell their products.
Topics: 26 Posts: 548
Last Post: Tracking wheel wear
26 548
A forum for Bjorn to discuss and promote his products.
Topics: 42 Posts: 63
42 63
Kizer Knives
A place for Kizer to discuss and promote their products.
Topics: 69 Posts: 452
69 452
True Talon Knives
Forum for True Talon to discuss and promote their products.
Topics: 346 Posts: 5,181
346 5,181
Knife Shop Australia
A place for KSA to promote and discuss their business.
Topics: 16 Posts: 62
Last Post: C914DS-1 Repair
16 62
by glivo
Kizlyar Knives
This forum is for Kizlyar to discuss and promote their products.
Topics: 51 Posts: 165
51 165
Knife Grinders
Precision Sharpening and Knife Rental
Topics: 38 Posts: 187
38 187
Australian Knife Magazine
Discussion about the magazine.
Topics: 29 Posts: 287
29 287
by Wootz
Terry's forum.
Topics: 21 Posts: 43
Last Post: Current Specials
21 43
Knives 4 Africa
Kansept Knives
A place for discussion of Kansept Knives
Topics: 23 Posts: 35
23 35
Total Emergency Supplies
This subforum is for Total Emergency Supplies to promote their products.
Topics: 4 Posts: 8
4 8
Zanvak | Sharpening Equipment
Forum for to discuss and promote their sharpening products.
Topics: 36 Posts: 36
36 36
A forum for MakersPlace to promote and discuss their products and business with anyone interested.
Topics: 3 Posts: 13
3 13