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  • Sydney Knife Show engraving

    2022 Sydney Knife show is happening again after 2 years of hiatus due to COVID-19
    As in the previous years, I am going to bring my fiber laser engraver to the show and make my Sydney Knife Show "Etch for Charity" drive.
    Back in 2018, we have the Prostate Cancer donation drive where we have tiny dicks engraved and in 2019, we have the Breast Cancer donation drive with a pair of boobs engraved.
    These engravings would be done for a donation (any amount) made to any relevant charities of the topic.
    This year, to honor our newly elected Prime Minister AnaL, I would like to have a Bowel Cancer donation drive.
    As before I would like to ask submission of sketched pictures that we can engrave on the knife, where it would reflect our thoughts on the head politician of the day
    Please post a reply with your submission (a photo sketch is preferred) - the most liked (or commented) image before the show would be used.

    You can either post your submission here or on my Facebook page.
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