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    Prices include delivery ,
    IF it has a price it is in STOCK
    Combo discounts applied .All BNIB.
    Spyderco Civilian $335
    Spyderco Pattadese M390 $295
    Spyderco YojUmbo Blackout $290
    Spyderco Yojimbo Blackout $265
    Spyderco PM2 BlkG10 SatinS45V $225
    Spyderco PARA 3 S45VN Black out $245
    Spyderco PARA 3 S45VN Camo G10 Black Blade $old
    Spyderco PARA 3 S45VN Camo G10 SW blade $old
    Spyderco Manix 2 AquaBlue FRN Spy27 $200
    Spyderco Ikuchi $200
    Spyderco Manix 2 Blk G10 Satin Half serrated Blade $190
    Spyderco Atlantic Lime green Plain Edge LC200N $195
    Spyderco Pacific 2 Green LC 200N $185
    Spyderco Blue line Endura Half Serrated LW $160
    Spyderco Dragon Fly Tattoo $145
    Spyderco Tenacious Blue FRN S35Vblade $145
    Spyderco Bow River OD handle Black Blade $85
    CKF Manix 2 Skull Copper ball Cage $50

    Kizer In Yan Green Black $old
    Kizer SWAGGS Swayback Purple Button lock $90
    Kizer Walnut $85

    Maxace Mammoth Grey Blue Black blade $old
    Maxace Goliath Luminous CF M390 $385
    Maxace Babylon Button lock Ti M390 $340
    Maxace Kestrel Front Flipper Luminous CF M390 $280
    Maxace Goliath Grey bolster Dark Brown Micarta $165
    Maxace Sandstorm K $160
    Maxace Sandstorm K 2 tone blade $160

    Kansept Reverie Micarta Satin $280
    Kansept Reverie Jade and Black $280
    Kansept EDC tac Blue Rose CF $275

    Blade Runner Systems EON INTEGRAL $old
    Blade Runner Systems IMP Camo $85

    MKM Malga 6 Natural Micarta M390 $185

    Ferrum Forge Prolix Tan $old

    WE Mini Buster Antique Bronze $445
    WE Mini Buster Grey $445
    WE Miscreant 3.0 Grey $old
    WE Banter ALL Black $165
    WE Yakula Red CF $220 Kitchen Knife

    Civivi Praxis Copper Dama $170
    Civivi Pintail Green Black S35VN blade $old
    Civivi Hadros Green $110
    Civivi Hadros Brown $110
    Civivi Hadros Black $110
    Civivi Elementum Buttonlock Green Micarta $old
    Civivi Elementum Buttonlock Brown Micarta $old
    Civivi Elementum Buttonlock Black G10 $105
    Civivi Baby Banter Black Satin $old
    Civivi Minimis Black $95
    Civivi Lumi Grey $old
    Civivi Lumi Black $85
    Civivi Elementum Fixed 2105A Black $125
    Civivi Ti Key Bit tool T6 & T8 torx Blue $68
    Civivi Ti Key Bit tool T6 & T8 torx Bronze $68
    Civivi Ti Key Bit tool T6 & T8 torx Grey $68

    Kershaw Strata Model 2076 $100
    Kershaw Kapsule $75
    Kershaw Arise $35
    Kershaw inverse $28 Standard post .

    Ka Bar Snody Snake Charmer $140

    Ontario Rat 2 D2 Green Black blade $old

    Cold Steel Mini Leatherneck Tanto $45

    ABKT Grunt $old
    WESN The Henry Grey titanium $190

    CASE XX Teardrop Bone Stag $135

    Acta Non Verba Knives M500 Dagger $old
    Cold Steel Master Tanto 3V $380
    Extrema Ratio SVector 2 , 6 Knife Set $400
    NC Custom Sting Dagger $345
    XinCraft 4.7" M390 Utility Kitchen Knife $325
    Fragrant Beard Havoc Blackout $200
    Darrel Ralph DGT Ripcord Spear point $125
    Ka Bar Wrench knife $90
    BRS IMP Camo $85
    Spyderco Bow River OD handle Black Blade $85
    Ontario Air Force Survival Factory 2nd Cosmetic blemishes $75
    True Saber Seneca Drop point Black $220
    Civivi Elementum Fixed 2105A Black $125
    COLD Steel Mini Leatherneck TANTO $45
    CRKT Minimalist PERSIAN $70
    Al Mar stinger neck Green $old

    WE Baculus Bolt Pen Full Ti BLACK Spinning Top $130
    TEC Pocket Edition Ti Pry $65
    EOS Mako Ti Pry SW grey $85
    Kizer Ti pry JK Talon $65
    Extrema Ratio TK Pry tool $90
    Bastinelli Creations Calli Impact Tool $70
    EOS Shark Ti Pry DLC $45
    EOS Shark Pry Raw $old
    TEC Titanium Tape measure $old
    TEC Pico Pen Titanium $old
    TEC Pico Pen Bronze with 6 Refills $45
    WE Cat Paperweight/Necklace Green $80
    CRKT Pivot Driver Brass $35 (NO BITS)
    CRKT Snailor large $28
    EKS Hi tech pivot oil Sterile $25
    Tops knives Cap OD $25
    Red Rock Shemagh Jolly Roger ,Black & white,Khaki and Black $27
    LighterBro Multi tool Small Bic Holder $25
    Gear Snake Wire twist tie 16ft. $25
    Outdoor Element FIREbiner $35
    Kershaw Challenge Coin $20
    Spyderco Lapel pin $15
    Maxpedition Bullet Patch “One size Fits All” $15
    Cold steel Never Unarmed Decal $8
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    ​​​​​​Knife Mads Gear ABF
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