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  • New Wheel day

    Yep, happy new wheel day to me
    this is an 8''x1'' with 80 Duro rubber, this should make those damn SlimBits, easier to grind

    it looks so pretty atm, not sure if I'll knock the corners off yet??

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    For those interested, I got the wheel from here

    I have 2'', 3'', 4'', 6'', 8'' and 12''x2'' wheels from them, also a 6''x1'' as well as this new 8''x1'', and have put a crapload of miles on all of them over the last 5 or 6 years.

    The standard wheels come with about 60-70Duro, you just leave a note asking for what Duro you want (leave the message as 80A for hardness), I find 80Duro to be the best for my style of grinding, there's no extra charge for the new rubber, but it'll take them an extra week or two to make it.

    Oh yeah, I order the "for 6202 bearings", and put in the best quality bearing I can get
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      It tracks well

      but most importantly

      spewin' I didn't have this back in 2017, might've saved a few blanks, and a shitload of steel


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        Grinder porn


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          Nice grinds mate.
          What you making, or test piece only?


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            Originally posted by mitch13 View Post
            Nice grinds mate.
            What you making, or test piece only?
            Thanks, Mitch

            that was just a scrap piece to practice on, it was too small to put the file guide on, I wasn't worried about the plunges.

            This is the SlimBit blank, the grind on these, is what has caused me so much grief over the years,

            I've got the technique dialed in on most other blades, but these little bastards want a specific wheel


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              Yeah that probably would be fiddly, you'll be churning them out in no time


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                I ordered a 200mm serated wheel with 90 Duro hardness from this seller a year or two ago. I whacked it on the grnder and the wheel seemed very unbalanced. I contacted the store and they said it was correctly balanced and issue was at my end. I promptly threw it in the draw to relook at and got busy with life's goings on. Your post reminded me to get it back out and see what the heck is going on. I think I will turn an axle for it so I know it is a nice fit (should be 12.7mm bore). Hopefully I can get it working as expected......

                What has your setup experience been - just whack a correct size pbolt through it or some more refinement needed?


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                  G'day, Ian,

                  I turned up a shaft to fit the 6202 bearings(15mm ID??), and press in all the bearings, I've had no issues, plus, wheel changes are one M6 screw, I've stayed away from the serrated wheels, wondering about there concentricity??,

                  but have been looking at the 200x75mm 90Duro wheel recently, to make a surface grinder attachment, I think 200mm is too big for a strap on though??.

                  Are the bearings supplied, or did you fit them?, if you can chuck the wheel up on your lathe, either reverse jaws in the through hole(bearings out), or turn up a temporary shaft, with a live centre (a Bull nose centre might be better?), that should tell you if it's the wheel pretty quickly

                  If you try and cut the rubber, be careful, it can be grabby, the interrupted cut on the serrated wheel, might be...interesting, I alternated between the Diamond Tool Holder, and insert tooling to reshape mine, it was a few years ago.

                  When you get it set up on the grinder again, try a few different belts as well.

                  And on a totally different topic, more wheels, another 2'' and 3'', plus a 1'' for the small wheel attachment

                  I'm thinking of making up a rotatable thingamajig, with multiple wheel combo's, either that, or I was drunk buying...again
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                    You must be wheely happy with them :P

                    Add me on Facebook for all of the latest updates on my work and available knives



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                      Originally posted by pap11y View Post
                      You must be wheely happy with them :P
                      I wheely wheely am

                      right up until I pressed the bearings in, and I realized, I don't have anything here to mount them on, Doh!, searching for some thick ally sheet now