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    Been busy working the truck and also getting some crops sown here on the farm so it was good to get back into the workshop and work on some knives again.
    I've almost finished this one for a bloke I shoot long range BPCR with. The stabilised York Gum burl is from Mark Sinclair and came up really nice. (It's a great match with my .45-90.)
    The knife is a drop-point hunter with a 5" blade of 80CrV2. Just need to make the leather sheath and put an edge on it and it's done. ( It doesn't have wonky bevels, that's just the reflection)

    BSK match.jpg
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    More pics...

    BSK5.jpg BSK8.jpg BSK3.jpg


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      Nice bit of wood, love how you got the grain on the scales to line up.

      Where do you shoot BPCR?


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        Yeah, the wood came up really well, like every piece of Mark's timbers I've used.

        I shoot with the Buffalo Rifle Association of Australia and BPCR Silhouette with SSAA.

        The BRAA mostly shoot at our "home" range at Cooyal near Mudgee in NSW but a few times a year at "Nioka" near Gunnedah, NSW.

        I'm the sec/treasurer/public officer/armourer for the club so I'm a bit involved... You can check out our website if you're interested.

        The "News" section has a catalogue of our news letters, the ones from this year will let you know what we're doing lately.

        The next SSAA shoot is our Nationals at Rankins Springs, NSW over 29-30 Sep & 1-2 Oct '23.


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          I used to shoot at Captains Mountain with a group of BPCR enthusiasts. That was a great shoot, always different types of shoots, steel and paper, all the way out to 1000 yards., The club I am shooting with at the moment has a BPCR shoot this coming weekend, but I can't prep any of my gear or load an ammo before then. It's only 300 yards max range, so I don't know just how great it will be.


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            Good job Dan, coke bottle shape and book matched scales look great, should make an awesome user.

            Only 4 weeks till Quigley


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              Ya lucky bugger. I did look at going this year but just couldn't put it together. A couple of our BRAA blokes are going though.