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    With respect, I think the "no chatting in the exchange" rule enforcement could be somewhat more relaxed providing the comments are not objectionable or disrepectful and could do with a rethink by the powers that be.
    Allowing some discourse between the seller and other members which more generally but not strictly relate to the item is a good thing in my view and may provide some addiditional background for prospective buyers.
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    I get where you're coming from but there was a reason for the rule. Back in the day when it was created there was a problem with people posting pages of replies like:

    Gee thats nice
    Wish I have one of those
    me too
    My uncle had one but he cut his leg off with a chain saw and had to sell it

    ... and other pointless and irrelevant crap, the seller had to scroll through this to see if anyone actually wanted to buy it or had a legitimate question.

    Yes, some discussion might be useful but where does that stop? You don't want the above situation.
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      Fair enough


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        adding to this, moderators do not take editing or enforcing the rules lightly. It's not done with malice. We don't like having to do that.

        That being said ABF is pretty laid back and the instances of moderation are few and far between thankfully.
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