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    When I was living in Arusha, Tanzania, I had an extensive chilli collection growing, something like 30 types. Seemingly every lost lonely hill had it's own style / variety to collect. I don't have any heat ratings on them and didn't bring any seeds back. My favourite was a small chilli from Kenya, not much bigger than a grain of rice, it was jet black when ripe. I couldn't eat them, too hot for my mild tastes, but I loved the name, when translated it was 'madness chilli'.
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      Originally posted by Tarrabah View Post
      Bwahahaha, just got this email from Renae, after ordering some, Sh!t the bed sauce

      Your Bunsters has been dispatched.

      You order is now buckled into a luxurious first class seat on the Spruce Moose. A team of high-heeled flight attendants is pandering to its every whim.

      When we last heard an update from the pilot your sauce was onto its 6th can of Emu Export and was binge watching Tiger King while googling "where to buy sardine oil". Before you know it your order will be on your doorstep, possibly stinking like Mel Gibson after a 3 day bender.

      Ah yes, that's the Bunster we know and love. Her email list is the only one I'd sign up to voluntarily. Consistent gold.
      The sauce is hot but not stupid hot, and I'm betting you dig the flavour.

      Cheers SBG


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        Knocked up another rig for the SSB sauce, finally nailed the design I was chasing, this one's one piece, unlike the first version

        I won't ne making a Sh!t the bed sheath, it's a bit too big for belt carry, hmmm, maybe a papoose style chest rig?

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