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  • Spyderco Fish hunter

    Anyone have this and would recommend it as a bait knife on a boat? Been using an old fillet knife that must be 30 years old.

    Figure I'll splash some $ and buy one that will last another 30 years.

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    I have Stock Spyderco Fish Hunter $215 Delivered .

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      I have the spyderco aqua salt in normal and serrated blades (the version before this). I used the straight edged version in the kitchen for a while and now its my fishing knife.

      H1 steel is really great for corrosion resistance but edge holding isn't up there with higher end steels. The counter point to that is its easier to sharpen.

      Spydie serrations are excellent in my opinion. I haven't used them hard enough to know how well they cut over time. I'd imagine they are great but i'm speculating

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        Originally posted by Knife mad View Post
        I have Stock Spyderco Fish Hunter $215 Delivered .
        That's what made me think of getting one when I saw it yesterday.

        Pap11y, I have a H1 Folding version with the plain edge and it gets blunt easily and is to small for the bait we use. Doesn't have the point either for dispatching the fish.

        Ive only heard good things about the serrations.