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  • Where to buy fixed blades

    G'day Luke here I have a question about a trustworthy site to import fixed blades from I am after a bark river and a fallkniven, found plenty of sites but not sure which one i can trust with shipping thanks Luke

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    Why not support a Local, Ron at Urban Conquest is a Qlder can get any fixed blade and the you don't have any hassles with OS shipping.
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      Aussie stores:

      Adventure Equipment Australia. Your local gear store, providing quality equipment and info for outdoor pursuits.

      Kizlyar Knives Australia - Sale Items All 4 Adventure DVDs Watches Hunting & Outdoor Gear ITEMS by BRAND Knife Sharpeners LED Torches & Flashlights Tactical Gear & Accessories ITEMS by CATEGORY Kizlyar Merchandise Razors & Shaving Accessories Knife Sheaths and Pouches Survival Gear Multi-Tools & EDC Knife Making

      You can also contact Sam here knives2survive. He has a subforum here on ABF.!

      USA stores:


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        Thankyou very much
        Cheers newy


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          Gidday Luke, welcome to the forum. Keep us updated on your choice.
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            good tips~


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              There's three good US stores that I'd use:

              BladeHQ: has a fantastic range with great prices, however if you want direct shipping you'll have to use a wire transfer (lots of fees), or otherwise use a package forwarder like Shipito or USGoBuy (I know from others and my own experience that they'll deal with knives no worries.

              KnifeCenter: Very similar to BladeHQ except instead of having to use a wire transfer you have to use their proprietary international checkout which has ludicrous exchange rates and shipping charges, but you can use a package forwarder instead and use their much better US checkout to avoid that.

              Knifeworks: Fantastic prices and good range too I believe. No stupid international shipping fees rubbish except you have to pay minimum ~$50 shipping and I think it's expedited USPS with no other choices. Package forwarding works just like the other two.

              I'm sure there's others as well


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                Adventure friends is the Aussie importer of Fallkniven. Good to deal with. Typically similar prices to OS stores.


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                  +1 on all of the above.

                  These guys are easy to deal with too (not free shipping to Aus!)
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                    I actually found was a good place to buy Fallkniven's, mainly for their prices, but they took about 2 weeks to post which can be annoying.

                    There have been a few Fallkniven's come up in the Exchange lately at very reasonable prices (Yes I may have taken advantage of a few of them) - if your patient I'm sure more will be offered for sale by forum members as people seem to collect one user and a spare, the later of which is soon offered for sale.


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                      Best places for bark river knives are to main dealers.
                      I have ordered from both and they were great to deal with.
             good selection of fallkniven at great prices.


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                        Nighthawk_650 has a very sweet Ironwood Bravo 1 for sale here.


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                          This guy is cheap, but I can't vouch for him.


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                            G'day Luke

                            Welcome to the forum!

                            I see that you have already been overwhelmed with advice!!

                            Some information here might help you find your way around the forum!

                            Regards Dutchy

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                              G'day Luke,
                              Nick here from Adventurefriends, Jump on our site or call the store and either myself or Rico will help you with a fallkniven purchase.
                              We have competitive prices and you can always twist my arm for a better price.