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Hello everyone at ABF!

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  • Hello everyone at ABF!

    As I have matured over the last few years so has my taste in knife collecting. I have discovered that my current taste is inclined to, but not strictly to tactical style frame lock flipper action blades.

    My goal is to start a area on my collection dedicated to Australian made customs somewhat meeting this criteria.

    I have just signed up today and started looking around at the different threads / posts etc. and it looks as though there are so many helpful people around.

    As I am new to the Australian custom knife market and ABF I would greatly appreciate any help or direction anyone can point me in to kick off my Aust custom collection journey.

    Looking around I see there is some incredibly talented makers that I had no idea existed in the country (sad I know) and with the help and input of the friendly members of ABF I would love to show my support for the market by making some exciting purchases.

    Thanking you in advance,


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    Welcome to ABF Beau I think someone here will be more then willing to help with your question


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      Welcome and very nice intro. I can see you found Nate's thread. Good start! Keep eye out to see if Zac Cheong is going to do another run of his flippers. A lot of people (including me) are hanging for another run.


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        Welcome to the forum Beau. It's good to have you here.
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          Welcome. .


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            welcome aboard mate


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              Hello and welcome mate, there are quite a few Aussie makers getting into folders, Zac and Glenn Waters ( Nates and a few others would be well worth a look at. Enjoy your time here cause your bank Account will not!


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                Welcome mate!!


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                  G'day there,

                  There is also the Adelaide show coming up where Zac might have some available.

                  Alistair Phillips
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                    Gday Beau, welcome to the Abf, you'll find plenty of good gear here and lots to tempt your wallet.


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                      Welcome to the forum mate. This is THE place for makers AND collectors! So all you need to do is read and ask...

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                        Hey, thank you so much for the warm welcome! I feel very happy and excited to be a part of ABF.


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                          Welcome mate, this is a great place to learn and share, hope you enjoy


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                            Gidday Beau, welcome to the forum
                            wave man AKA Dean
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