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    hi my name is Greg Watkins I live in Townsville Queensland and I am a trade qualified chef so I know how to use blades but now I want to start making them,I have just started getting into bladesmithing and was wondering if people could give me advice on what steels to use , what styles of blades are good for beginners ,where to get steel from etc. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    Welcome mate!

    You will find a wealth of information here, one just has to look!


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      Welcome aboard
      Stewart Townsend
      Australian Knifemakers Guild

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        Welcome to ABF Greg
        I think there are a few on here from the 'ville'
        I guess the steel you want to use will be dependent on whether you want to forge your blades or use the stock removal technique.
        However there are other people on here who know a lot more about chefs knives than myself.


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          Welcome. .


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            Hi Mate, Welcome!
            What steels are you after?

            I can probably help with anything you need to get kicked off.

            There are a lot of other blokes on here that will also help you, feel free to shop around.
            I can do Gas forge, Tongs, Specialty Steels, Anvils (soon), Belt Grinders and Belts, Heat Treat Ovens.... and pretty much anything else if there is enough demand for it.
            I have a dealer section on here

            There are others though, Karim and Shawn Macintyre can help you with steels also.
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              Welcome to ABF Greg I look forward to seeing your work in the future


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                the best most forgiving steel to forge and heat treat Is 1070 or 1084 and is cheap and can make a good knife, and is used in most Damascus.
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                  welcome mate , your going to love this place , there's more friendly help here to get you started than an old lady trying to cross the road at a boy scout jamboree.


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                    Welcome aboard Greg. What as a chef do you look for in a knife?

                    As mentioned, lots of knowledge and experience running around here, and lots of beginners too!




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                      Welcome Greg
                      Im also newish to ABF, and am getting heaps of help from the members here. I hope you get as stuck on this hobby as i am.
                      Frank G2K


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                        Gday Greg, welcome to the Abf I look forward to seeing some of your work.


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                          thanks Doug I am going to do both however until I buy an anvil it will stock removal


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                            Hi Greg

                            Welcome to the forum.

                            I am sure you will get all the help you need to get you on your journey.

                            Looking forward to seeing some of your handiwork.


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                              Hey Greg, big welcome to another fellow North Queenslander! You've come to the right place if you want to learn more about knife making, Goodonya Mate - Cheers