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    Hi All,

    A quick into. I am partial to collecting small folders (2-3 inch blades) . I like blades that are on the wider side, so I guess I like short and fat ones..... I have 5 or 6 custom folders, of which my favorites are Damascus.

    I was lucky enough to be in NY in January and go to Was like Xmas and Easter rolled into one. Such a nice owner (Bill) with 50 times the range I had ever seen before.

    This is the one knife I left wanting the most but at more than my plane ticket I just have to dream.... made by Ed Schempp of Spyderco...

    I bought 2 knives from Bill but only after I read everything I could on what was on the prohibited list and only purchased those that I believe did not breach the rules. Still did not make me feel confident (or honest) coming through customs. Wish there was more consistency on that front...

    I would enjoy any recommendations on knives to look at here at home..

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    welcome to ABF Peter , would love to see pic's of your customs


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      Welcome Peter, That Schempp is very nice lovely feather Damascus , just the pivot looks a bit bulky IMHO. Look forward to seeing your knives.
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        Hello and welcome mate, yes its sad that we have to stress over whether or not a 3' folder will come through customs and feel like a crim(even if its all above board(, yet the Hoddies can pop into Coles and buy a 7' kitchen knife every day of the week to go rob the petrol station!
        Anyway off ma soapbox, beautiful dammie folder in that pic, look forward to seeing some pic's of your collection


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          Welcome to the forum mate.

          If you like that, you might also like this:

          (scroll down to the bottom of page 2).
          Alistair was recently selling one of these with carved mikumi scales, but I can't find the pics now.
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            Welcome aboard PeterMer

            Originally posted by Knife mad View Post
            That Schempp is very nice lovely feather Damascus , just the pivot looks a bit bulky IMHO.
            Something about the pivot doesn't look right.
            Stewart Townsend
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              Originally posted by Stewart Townsend View Post
              Welcome aboard PeterMer

              Something about the pivot doesn't look right.
              +1 on that comment Stewart.


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                Hi All,

                A few of mine...

                From the top..

                The Sid Latham was my every day knife when I lived in Africa, fitted perfectly in my boot and had so, so many uses.. Saved me more than once....

                The Spyderco was too interseting not to buy.

                The Maker is a joy. I would like to get more from him but he seems to have stopped..

                The is not a normal style for me. But the Prinsloo is a beaut, he engrave Bushman hunting scenes on the knife and i got sentimental..


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                  Welcome and nice collection!

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                    I love the Spyderco Q. Looks like you have one of the very early ones, with the 3D scultped handles.
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                      Welcome to the forum... That Prinsloo is great. There is something about those basic animals and people, I don't know, but I can't stop looking at it (it has taken me about ten minutes to write this reply, keep getting distracted).


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                        Gday Peter, welcome to the Abf, some great pics there.
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                          Welcome aboard. You have a beautiful collection and I am still stunned by that little damascus folder!


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                            Hi GavinP,

                            This is the site for the small Damascus.


                            Knifenut - Thanks for the link. I love the style of this one a lot..

                            I am trying to get one of these from Jared Price but they are like hens teeth. Any suggestion on similar styles welcome...


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                              Welcome to ABF Peter Nice looking Collection of Knives