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  • Greetings ABF!

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to introduce myself to this wonderful community of enthusiasts. My name is Luke, I'm from Sydney and well, what can I say, I love knives. My father was an avid collector of knives and a lover of all things outdoors and now his passion lives on through me. I'm just now starting to take a serious look into being a knife owner, not just owning a knife. Throughout my indoctrination into the outdoors I've tried to weave myself into as many outdoor/adventure/survivalist/gear boards as I can to gain knowledge and perspective from the experts. I've learned a ton through my online travels and hope I can be useful on this board. At the very least, I'll try to impart as my knowledge as I can to help this community. Granted though, I'm no aficionado, I just started my collection with a humble first folder: Sog flash I and I'm waiting for delivery for my first fixed blade: Fallkniven f1.

    I look forward to meeting and getting to know you all, and thanks for taking the time to read my little intro

    Luke H

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    Hello and welcome Luke, plenty of great info, advice and people here at ABF, hang around and i can say 100% your collection will grow very quickly!

    Great first folder the Flash I, one of the Hall of Fame folders for sure, same with a Falkniven f1.


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      Welcome mate,
      It's a slippery slope to waking up one day with an Ammo can full of different knives and bits and pieces.

      You're amongst a great community here, the vibe and the way everyone interacts here is found in very few places on the interwebz.


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        Welcome aboard Luke.
        Peter Del Raso
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        Australian Knifemakers Guild


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          Welcome mate. Everyone starts somewhere. Enjoy!


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            Welcome to the forum mate, and I think you will be very happy with your first purchases.
            Sounds like you have a lot to contribute!
            Australian Knife Magazine


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              Gday Luke, welcome to the Abf, I hope you enjoy it, there's sure to be plenty of topics you can get involved with.


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                Welcome aboard
                Stewart Townsend
                Australian Knifemakers Guild


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                  Welcome Luke

                  I am sure you will feel right at home here!


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                    Hi Luke, the F1 was my first fixed blade too. A top-notch little blade. Good choice.
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                      Welcome to ABF Luke I hope we can help your collection grow and grow


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                        Gidday Luke, welcome to the forum. BTW I love the username, pity our hoplophobic politicians didn't embrace that most important constitutional right (IMHO the right to keep and bear arms is an inalienable right, and all citizens should be able to exercise that RIGHT WITHOUT politician/political interference)
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