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G day from Darwin

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  • G day from Darwin

    Long time lurker, first time poster.
    Keen fisherman and hunter here originally from Adelaide.
    I've been interested in knives for as long as I can remember.
    My interest grew more when I discovered knives Australia magazine.
    I purchased my first custom knife from Wally Bidgood at the Adelaide knife show in i think 2006.
    Since then I've added a Keith Fludder, Bruce Barnett and another Wally Bidgood to my collection always from the Adelaide knife show.
    I also have a handmade tomahawk from a maker in Tassie but unfortunately I can't remember his name or make out the makers mark.
    The hoards of info on here has fired me up to make my first knife in the near future.

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    Hi Tim

    Welcome to the forum

    I am sure that you will get plenty of help with your first and subsequent knives from the members of the forum.


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      Welcome to the forum mate! You have some fine makers knives there!
      I can't wait to see what you create. There is no going back once the addiction sets in!
      Gameco's Knifemaking and Blacksmithing supplies has a new Web Store!
      Stay Sharp!


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        Hey Tim, welcome to ABF mate, hope you enjoy your time here, cheers


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          Welcome to ABF Tim I will look forward to seeing your custom collection and nice list of makers


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            Welcome to the forum Tim (one less lurker - one more member!)

            You can always post pics of the tomohawk here (take a good pic of the makers mark) - I'm sure there are members here that will be able to identify it very quickly!
            Australian Knife Magazine


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              Welcome aboard Tim. Does the name Eric Gillard ring a bell re you hawk?
              Peter Del Raso
              Life Member
              Australian Knifemakers Guild


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                Gday Tim, welcome to the Abf I hope you enjoy your time here . It sounds like you've already got some good knives for your collection.


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                  Gday Tim from Darwin.

                  Member of Australian Knifemakers Guild
                  For your makers marking requirements
                  Find my products at Gelandangan ABF Custom Tools Supply


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                    Welcome aboard, up that way a year ago doing the touristy thing.
                    Stewart Townsend
                    Australian Knifemakers Guild


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                      Gidday Tim, welcome to the forum
                      wave man AKA Dean
                      my YouTube channel
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