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  • G'day!

    Hi all,

    Neophyte knifemaker here from sunny Townsville, QLD. Was advised by Corin over at Bushcraftoz to make my own bushcraft knife a few months ago and have been obsessed with the idea ever since. I've done a lot a reading while gathering requisite tools and have only to purchase a grinder, which I'm getting some good advice about from the kind folks here. There are some truly talented knifemakers here and many, many stunning knives to look at! If I can one day produce something half as nice I'll be well pleased. Looking forward to posting my first effort and getting some feedback. At the moment I'm making a few firesteels which have come out rather nice.



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    Hey Charles, welcome to ABF, is great to see another North Queenslander here! Good luck with your first attempt and hope to see some pics posted here once finished.

    Goodonya mate



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      Welcome aboard Charles.
      Stewart Townsend
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        Welcome to the forum Charles.

        You will get lots of help from the members here.

        Looking forward to seeing images of your creations.

        Regards Dutchy

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          Plenty of talented people here only too happy to help out.

          Make sure you show us some pics of your work.

          Oh, and welcome to the forum.
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            Gday Charles welcome to the Abf.


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              Welcome to ABF Charles I look forward to seeing some of your work


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                I am like a drug pusher, the way I get people addicted to knife making... lol seriously, good to see you on here. Welcome to the forum! Welcome to knife making, and don't forget to share your pictures.
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                  Gidday Charles, welcome to the forum
                  wave man AKA Dean
                  my YouTube channel
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