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  • hi there

    Im new here
    Iv never been able to sharpen very well.Is there any tips on here on how to sharpen for diffrent styles of cutting slicing etc?What would be the best place to find this out on this site?

    And iv often wondered can you make a good knife out of a chainsaw blade?
    My dad makes hive tools for beekeeping out of chainsaw blades.Iv never watched him make them.But there better than the hive tools you buy from a beekeeper dealer thats for sure.Strong very strong.

    So im curious to see if chainsaw blade would be a good material for me to work with for my first knife.

    I have access to some good old chainsaw bars.

    Well i look forward to the feedback and im glad i came across the website.

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    Welcome to ABF gaztric I think someone will be able to help with your questions here


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      Hi gaztric

      Welcome to the forum

      There are a couple of threads on sharpening.

      Just go to the search box and do a search on sharpening.


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        Gday Gaztric, welcome to the Abf, I hope you enjoy it. One of my mate's made one of the biggest pig hunting knives you'd ever see out of a chainsaw bar, he said it took ages to make but it's a monster.


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          Thanks for the comments ill be sure to have a look around