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  • Hello from far away

    I recently heard about this site from a friend who's a full time maker. I looked it up and started reading a tutorial on a homemade heat treating oven. A bit more browsing and I figured I'd join. I'm a hobbyist maker here in the USA, so far just carbon steels and generally forge, though did a few stock removal blades. I'm a member of the ABS and would like to someday test for my JS, but have a ways to go before that. Anyway, thanks to all who post their work and advice-I'm doubt I'd have made it without all the great help from others.


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    Welcome to the forum mate.


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      Welcome to ABF Jeremy I look forward to seeing some of your work


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        G'DAY mate and how ya goin, Welcome
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          Welcome aboard Jezza (new Australian name) Hope you enjoy your time here.
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            Welcome Jeremy. You'll be posting your own tutorials soon enough.


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              Welcome there are a few of us ABS members here including a mastersmith and a journeyman smith, so you are in good company.
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                Wow just read up on the abs pretty full on to pass the tests

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                  G'day Jezza!!

                  Welcome to the forum.

                  Hope you enjoy your time here.

                  Great place to learn more!!


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                    Figured maybe I should post a pic of my most recent project. It's knife #6 (completed, that is...lots of "almost made its" along the way), a 5160 bird and trout type with Amboyna Burl scales. I recently got to visit a friend's shop who showed me how he does sculpted handles and this was my first solo attempt. Still have some kinks to work out, but it went okay. Oh, and knowing I have a long ways to go, I'd appreciate any constructive criticism. Thanks for the warm welcome.


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                      Welcome along, i look forward to seeing you progress. That knife looks great,nice and clean finish.


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                        Gday Jeremy welcome to the Abf I hope you find some info hear that will help you on your way to becoming a Journeyman .