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  • victim of a common ''illness''

    Hello Folks,
    My name is Martin and is needless to say that I'm very passionate about collecting ''sharp things''Have totally different kinds of knives in my collection,prefer to obtain ''used'' knives,bearing the signs of ''abuse'' from the previous owners.One interesting resent memeber of my collection is this knife:

    I'm ethnic Bulgarian and bought this knife from a charity auction in the Bulgarian knife forum (,the funds will be used for teaching young gifted kids in traditional crafts like woodcarving,metalworking and jewellery making.Hope that some of them will become knifemakers in the near future The blade is from 65G spring steel,has walnut root handle with ''ears'' and wooden scabbard from lime tree wood.Custom made by Yasen Nikov ''RAZORBLADE''!The style is based on the traditional shepherd's knife pattern with a modern twist!

    I'm very happy to become a member of the ABF and very curious to find about the Australlian custom knife making!


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    hello martin, nice to have you here. Thanks for posting -
    I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me Superman: Homer J Simpson.


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      Welcome aboard, certainly a different butt look.
      Stewart Townsend
      Australian Knifemakers Guild

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      One knife.
      Two knives.
      The plural possessive is knives'.


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        Welcome to ABF Martin I look forward to seeing some of your collection and nice to see you supporting your community


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          Howdy Martin. Are the ears just for fashion, or do they have some purpose?


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            Originally posted by mtangent View Post
            Howdy Martin. Are the ears just for fashion, or do they have some purpose?
            Thanks for the warm welcome!These knives are practically without a guard so they are not for stabbing but for slashing and cutting.The end of the handle with the ears ensures tight grip when cutting while drawing the knife back.You can fold your thumb in between the ''ears'' too ( in reverse knife grip).Here a clip that I made several years ago at a traditional crafts fair near Troyan,Bulgaria.Similar knife patterns (with ''ears'') are quite common troughout the Balkans,you can see not only Bulgarian but Bosnian and Greek traditional knives with ears too!


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              Gday Martin welcome to the Abf, thanks for the photos, some very interesting knives that you have there.