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  • Hi and hello.


    I'm one of those office bound managers who spends a lot of desk time dreaming about doing something genuinely creative. I also live in the SE Suburbs of Melbourne with wife and 2 kids.

    I took up woodworking a few years ago, built a workshop and self taught. But chopping blocks, tables, bookshelves and benches take up room, and once all your friends have them as gifts you need something else to do.

    Knife making really appeals for a few reasons: We have crappy kitchen knives at home. I'm from Sheffield stock (moved to Aus 8 years ago with the Mrs). And I'm a long time student of the Philippine Martial Arts (black belt in eskrima), which has a heavy emphasis on knife training. So it fits.

    Literally yesterday I went and bought a 1m x 40mm by 4mm length of 01 steel for $55. Today I'm looking at a whole new world of reading, power tools and skill development.

    From my woodworking experience I know that sites like this are invaluable for advice, as well as in providing sense of community you don't always get on those evenings locked in a workshop. So thanks in advance to everyone I'll be leaning on as I do this.

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    Welcome to the forum.
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      Hi Craig,
      Welcome to the ABF forum.
      Your in the right place. Have a good read through the existing threads and look up trollsky on YouTube - Knife making with basic tools.

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        Hi & welcome.
        I have been watching; "Knife making tuesdays", on utube, from John Grimsmo. This bloke is an amazing example of self taught genius. His folders are something else.


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          welcome aboard Craig , look forward to seeing some of your creations when you get started


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            Yeah mate a BIG welcome.
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              Hi Craig, welcome to the group, my name is Gidgee, I am in Qld, thanks to the members who welcomed me when I became a member, and guys, who said they wanted to see images of my plaited leather and nylon work, I have plenty of images, but I do not know how to post them on the forum, someone may be able too help, may be I can email the images to someone, who then can post them for me, until I learn, thanks guys, Gidgee, Warwick, Qld.


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                Welcome Craig, it is a very interesting hobby.
                To post pictures, read thisPosting Pictures on the Forum
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                  Hi Craig

                  Welcome to the forum.

                  I am sure that you will get all the help you need from the members here.

                  Regards Dutchy

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                    Welcome to ABF Craig I look forward to seeing your work in the future


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                      Welcome aboard.
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                        Welcome's your Tagalog?


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                          Gday Craig, welcome to the Abf.