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  • Hi there!

    My name's Col.
    I'm based in Sth Western Sydney, work in Quality Control in the sheet metal industry.
    Came from a metal trades background originally.
    Major hobby over the years has been photography, but have only recently switched to digital from film, so still learning my way around my camera.
    Have been interested in knives forever, currently have a few folders plus a fixed blade and a necker.
    Just purchased some blanks and researching what handles and fittings I want to use and finding out what's available in Sydney area.
    New to Forum concept of communication.
    Any help greatly appreciated - will be exploring the forum, may not have a lot to contribute initially.

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    Hi Col

    Welcome to the forum.

    Certainly a good place to come for knife making info. The guys here are very generous with their help.

    I am sure you will learn lots, fast.

    Regards Dutchy

    Australian Military Knives

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      Welcome Col! Good to have you on board, I'm sure you'll find some great info when you're exploring. Posting a pic of your collection in the "Your collection" sub-forum is often a good start, you can get to it here:

      | Drop Bear Customs - Custom knives and tools. | [email protected] | Instagram: @dropbearcustoms |


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        welcome to ABF Col


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          Welcome to ABF Col I look forward to seeing what you do with your blanks


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            Welcome aboard.
            Stewart Townsend
            Australian Knifemakers Guild


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              Gday Col welcome to the forum.


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                Hi everybody !
                Many thanks for the warm welcome.
                I've been having a look around, and am sure that I'll learn heaps here. Hope to be able to contribute as well.


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                  Welcome Col, you have a cool name. There are plenty of talented individuals on this forum to help you with your needs,