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    Hello. After years of bemoaning the loss of a regular Sebenza with custom Navajo inlay that I purchased in New Mexico, I decided to do something about it and recently acquired a Sebenza 25. Aside from what i consider one minor flaw in the design, the knife is fantastic. It actually looks like a great white shark, feels incredibly solid and cuts like a dream. The blade grind is truly unique. The problem is I now want to collect folding knives. Certain large Spydercos seem really appealing but I am led to understand that they rarely land on these shores. oh well, here I am.

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    Welcome mate! You have come to the right place, if you have a new folder addiction.


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      welcome to abf mate im sure you will find some spydies for sale round here cheers
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        Welcome to the forum Nikolai!!

        There are plenty of other Spyderholics here to share your addiction with!!


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          Welcome to ABF Nikolai


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            Welcome and have fun.
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              Welcome aboard Nikolai, keep an eye open for some of the custom made folders.
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                Welcome aboard mate! Sooner or later just about every Spydie ever made comes through the exchange here, no hassle with the Customs if it's already in the country!

                Never had the pleassure of holding the new Sebie 25, curious what you meant about the design flaw. Maybe you can do a review?

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                  re: design "flaw" on the 25 sebbie. The tip of the blade makes contact with finger or palm pressed onto the handle. Of course you rarely rub down hard between the scales, but it would have been nice to have the tip of the blade meet up with the pointed part of the but of the knife. Minor point, though, the knife is really brilliant, especially the blade shape and grind. Not a huge fan of the thumb stud, but the focus is on deliberate deployment & not necessarily speed. It is measured, which is good, but I have only recently discovered Spydies and they are fun!


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                    Gday Nicolai, welcome to the Abf, I hope you enjoy it. There's plenty of good folders around.