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  • Hi all

    Hi, I just joined the site, learned of it over at AAPK. I mostly collect traditional folding knives, but I have a few fixed blades. Most of my collection is Case Classics and GEC knives, but have a pretty big assortment.
    I live near Detroit, Michigan, and have been collecting since the mid 80's or so.
    Just wanted to stop in and say hi, to ya on the boards.

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    Welcome mate! you woke me up, Im going fishing! 4.30am atm.
    Gotta love case knives, I only have four, but they are perfect fit & finish with really pronounced "snap", when opening, & closing the blade!

    Hope you have fun here.

    Regards solomon


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      Welcome to the forum.

      There are plenty of traditional knife fans here, in fact there is a whole sub forum just for that. Make you way over there and show us some of your collection.
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        Gday and welcome to the Abf Classic Case, I'm looking forward to some photos of your collection plus any info on the Tony Bose collaboration's would be great.


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          Welcome to ABF .Really like Case XX knives as well ,don't have a lot, less than 300, and always on the look out for more .
          My aim is to get one knife for every year of Case production back as far as is possible.
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            Opps double post edited.
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              G'day CC

              Welcome to the forum.

              As the boss said. show us some of your collection!

              We all like to drool a lot.


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                Howdy CC.
                Welcome to ABF. They got a nice bunch of guys, er, .....blokes here!


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                  Thx for the welcome guys, I'll post some pics when I can.


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                    Welcome to ABF Classic Case Nice Collection pics thanks for sharing