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  • G'day ,another Damn newbie

    G'day, I'm a newbie to the forum type lifestyle ,So please be gentle, The JollyKillBill popped my cherry (thanks mate) so I thought I should make it official. I started making knives around 1999 after making tools for my leatherwork/saddlery endeavours, And after learning a SMALL amount about heat treating ,I got hooked on Knifemaking. I stopped in 2005,and have only recently started fitting out a new shed and bringing all my equipment and tools down ,Still aways to go. I'm currently building a new 2x72 flat grinder to sit beside my older (now rusty) 2x72 hollow grinder. Having looked around the forum and recognised some of the names and admired the sheer quality of work and talent here, I relalise how much work I have ahead of me. Anyway (can you tell I've spent several years living in the bush with only possums and other furry things to talk to?. (The possies are great listeners but to set in their opinions)). I'll try to not offend anyone with my lack of computer skills and seemingly endless monologue (and addiction to parenthesis). Thanks, Scott

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    Welcome mate! We don't bite, much :-D

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      G'day Scott,
      Great to see another member from Tassie...
      I can sharpen your knives, check my YT channel or PM me.


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        Welcome to the forum mate.

        It's always good to see new Tassie members.


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          welcome to the forum mate


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            Welcome to ABF Scott I look forward to seeing your work in the near future


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              Welcome aboard
              Stewart Townsend
              Australian Knifemakers Guild


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              One knife.
              Two knives.
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                welcome Scott , lot's of friendly ppl around here , oh , and we love PIC'S


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                  Welcome to the forum! Would love to see photos of your work.
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                    G'day Scott

                    Welcome to the forum.

                    Looking forward to seeing your work.


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                      Gday Scott welcome to the Abf.


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                        Hi Scott, welcome mate. A heads up to an unofficial forum rule: photos or it didn't happen.