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  • hello!


    Name's Nate, I own/run a graphic design/website/signage company called Innovnate.

    Recently got into knives when I started looking into hunting etc.

    Currently own a Benchmade Nimravus in tan (which I repainted to snake skin camo) not the d2 version, the other (cpm154 from memory?), an Ontario Rat 5 with a custom grind, a gerber bear grylls knife (present, don't ask), and a few other odds and sods not worth mentioning.

    Just purchased a Benchmade 375 Adamas, which I'm very much looking forward to receiving and doing a custom handle on.

    I just recently finished putting together a knife for a friend of mine - Damascus blade from ebay (U.S), mallee root handle scales and brass corby bolts. Was my very first knife project, and also my first time working with wood... Came up ok and I learnt a lot in the process...

    I have a taste for high quality, expensive items unfortunately, so my collecting of knives is a gradual process. I'd love to get a couple of spyderco's at some stage, but I hear they are becoming very difficult to get a hold of!

    Anyways, thanks for having me, I look forward to learning lots, and hopefully contributing something too!

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    Welcome Nate,
    Enjoy the ride, it's addictive and for some, expensive.
    Everyone's friendly here...

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    I can sharpen your knives, check my YT channel or PM me.


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      G'day Nate

      Welcome to the forum.

      We've all got odds and sods. Never underestimate them. Sometimes you find something really special among them!

      Sounds like you've got a damn good start in to both collecting and making.

      Plenty of knowledgeable people here to help you with both.

      Regards Dutchy

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        Hi Nate, welcome to ABF mate. If you like high quality, expensive knives then this is the place to find them, also knives from right accross the spectrum. As Tazambo said, it can become quite addictive - just ask my bank account - lol


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          Thanks guys!

          Actually re odds and sods, I found a black folder at Anaconda a year or two back. Fairly basic design with a framelock in black. I have got to say it was the best 20$ I have ever spent! Stays sharp, easy to sharpen when needed, and the opening and closing is super smooth and easy (I can 'flick' it open, but don't because I'm not a tosser)

          For the next Benchmade, I was thinking of some titanium scales - difficult, from what I can tell - and some tube pins rather than solid... The blade is tan in colour. Anyone have any opinions - good ones please lol


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            Gday Nate welcome to Abf .


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              Hey Nate, good to have a fellow "signie" on board! Where abouts is your shop?
              Australian Knife Magazine


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                I work from endeavour hills at the moment!


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                  Originally posted by archangel View Post
                  I work from endeavour hills at the moment!
                  Practically neighbours!
                  Australian Knife Magazine


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                    Really where are you - whats the name of your company?


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                      Welcome to ABF Nate I look forward to seeing your collection and hope you enjoy it here