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  • Howdy from South West Vic

    I'm from Geelong and have been prowling the forum for quite a few weeks now. Purchased a beautiful Spydy Endura 2 stainless (Aus-8 blade) from one of the guys & I love it. I have a bit of a Spyderco fetish & find them irresistible and just a little bit sexy, I'll stop at that!
    Like many of the new people here I don't have a huge collection (yet), Spydy Endura 2 C10-P, Buck 112, Sog Tomcat, Pacific Salt, Spydy Kiwi, Muela fixed blade, Leatherman K500x lockback (which is surprisingly good & has a 154cm blade), Navy K-620G (cheap but handy & feels OK) + a nice little 'Old Timer' that was an unexpected gift with my C10-P Endura & is nice.
    I fish a bit (love Tassie & the Snowy's), heading off for 4 days Trout expedition tomorrow, camp in the better weather (I'm getting old!) and do a bit of photography, trying some astrophotography on this trip.
    I love the forum, will definitely be making another purchase or two from you guys when I save a few pennies (giving away my age) and appreciate the friendly and helpful manner of the few people that have touched base with me.
    That's all for now, thanks & have a great weekend when it arrives.

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    Hey Gary, welcome to the Forum!
    I like the Endura's too
    Australian Knife Magazine


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      G'day Gary

      Welcome to the forum!!

      Sounds like you have a pretty good start on the collection!!

      Hang around here long and it will grow at lot bigger.

      Why don't you go to the Gallery and let us see some images of what you have!


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        Pacific Salt! That's just a great fisherman's knife. Careful of the military & paramilitary 2, those two really stressed my kitty. There always seems to be another Spyderco needed. The Spyderco Military fluted titanium & Native 5 fluted titanium are my current obsession. Talk about sexy! Maybe too sexy, at least according to Aussie Custom's importation rulings. Have a good one!


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          Thanks Dutchy
          I'll put them in the gallery when I get some good shots of the soon, promise.


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            Thanks Nikolai. The Salt is sweet, comes with me every time I go near the coast though it's good inland too where I do most of my fishing. I got my first look at a Spyderco Chinook today on eBay, that is one nice looking knife! Think I'll start putting some aside for one of your Military Fluted Titanium's they're goddam gorgeous :-) Customs took possession of a couple of mine too so I've stopped trying!
            Thanks for the warm welcome and have a great weekend when it gets here; cheers, Gary.


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              Thanks KnifeKnut, love the forum & associated info & eye candy, sweet :-)
              Cheers, Gary


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                Gday Gary welcome to the Abf, I've also recently been developing a love of spyderco's , so your not on your own there. They do become somewhat addictive though.


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                  Welcome to ABF Gary I hope you have fun here and i look forward to seeing some pics of your collection


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                    Thanks Alicia and International for your greetings. Loving it on the forum, lots of useful and interesting posts often stimulating and tempting Have a great weekend.

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