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  • howdy from Jandakot

    hi guys looks like a good forum i hope to participate and learn something. I am far from being a knife expert but iknow what i like. Mostly i like to see and get other peoples opinions and reviews. I would ask can some one point me to the thread that can let me know what knives are banned or prohibited, i know assisted and otf are prohibited but iam a bit in the dark about the rest.
    Cheers Xiii Les

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    Welcome to the ABF les
    I take it your collecting and not making?

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      Well im not sure yet ive seen afew home made knives and they look great. i have several folders and about 10 fixed utility, hunting and or skinning knives.


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        Welcome, one more from WA

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        Pictures of knives I have made/worked on.


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          Welcome aboard! your Just down the road from me


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            Welcome along
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              Welcome to ABF Les


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                Originally posted by Xiii View Post
                Well im not sure yet ive seen afew home made knives and they look great. i have several folders and about 10 fixed utility, hunting and or skinning knives.
                Hey Les, welcome to ABF. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by home-made knives but the forum is here to encourage people to give it a go, display works by custom makers and everything else involving things pointy. If you mean custom knives when you say "home made" then I gotta tell you having had both high end production knives and custom knives, the fit,finish and attention to detail on custom knives far exceeds anything mass-produced (which is logical I guess). Have a look at our custom knife maker's area and you'll get a little taste of the talent that exists in Australia.
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                  G'day Les

                  Welcome to the forum.

                  Why not go to the Gallery and let is see your knives!


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                    welcome aboard Les , whether your collecting or want to have a crack at making your own the members here will help on both counts , some of the info your looking for might be found in the threads on this link , , look fwd to seeing some pic's of your collection.


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                      Hey. Welcome to the forum. I am pretty new on here too. I have a sub forum in the business park under engraving and am knife mad like most of the folk on here. I am glad you asked the question as its a point I am hazy on too. The official government write up on what is and isn't ok is a bunch of confusing legal jargen and leaves me knowing no more than I already did. Assisted opening. Most folders have a little lump or hole for you to get your thumb into? Illegal? Serated edges? Blades sharpened on both sides? .... Anyone have simple clear definitions? Thanks heaps anyone wh takes the time to answer. Regards. Danae
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                        Thanks for the welcome i will put some pics up as soon as i can. i only have an iphone5 no camera when i say home made i have seen some made with files and blade blanks etc
                        cheers Les


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                          Gday Les welcome to the Abf.


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                            greetings fellow West Aussie