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  • Hello knife people...

    I joined ABF because I was searching for a knife. I have been collecting knifes for years back home and I have (over there) all kind of crazy things that I can't even bring over made with animal horn handles, butterflies, machetes, automatics, trench ones... etc

    My journey started a year ago inspired by the infamous Bear Grill's show and end up finding out that folders are not only prohibited to carry but also to import . I used to carry a knife all the time for self defence (I come from a very dangerous place but having said that I've been living here for almost a decade and never find the need to carry a knife for self defence) but also for more mundane tasks like opening boxes, cutting paper, light hammering, screwdriving and fixing things in general. Is not my intention to discuss the law even though I thing carrying a vitorinox should be completely legal maybe they should make in Switzerland the ''Vitorinox Ozzy model EDC'' with no blades just the tools but to ban the possession of multitool because of 1 of the tools it contains is a shame. and we all know that a vitorinox can't be used as a weapon because there is not locking mechanism so is way more likely to chop your own fingers due to the system closing or failing before penetrating any sort of material or flesh.

    So to round up my introduction I have to say that I decided to build my own Ti framelock, the parts are on the way and will start a thread when I have the parts so I can put some pictures in

    all the best

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    Welcome to the forum mate. Carrying a knife for self defence is illegal in Aus, but nothing wrong with carrying one if you have a genuine use for one.

    Looking forward to the kit pics
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      That's absolutely true this is the best country in the world. Security wise here is an example more than once I have forgotten the keys on the ignition of my motorcycle and found them on the same place after working a full day. That is truly amazing!


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        Welcome to the forum. I'm sure we'd all be interested in seeing pics of your knife as you make it.
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          Welcome Chinotaker. Enjoy the forum!


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            G'day Chinotaker

            Welcome to the forum.

            Sounds like you have come from a pretty dangerous place!

            Fortunately, all the natives are friendly here!!


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              Welcome Chinotaker.

              I hope you enjoy the forums, and find good value here.


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                Welcome to ABF Chinotaker


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                  Thanks guys is good to know that I am not alone and the fact that I like knives doesn't make me a criminal I just appreciate the engineering, design and care that is put to manufacture them in the same way I appreciate motorcycles, surfboards even backpacks when they are well made.


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                    Gday CHINOTAKER welcome to the Abf.