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New from Townsville - also been told to contact Corin Urquhart

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  • New from Townsville - also been told to contact Corin Urquhart


    I'm new to this and based in Townsville. Me and a mate have just started looking into knocking together a forge and some form of anvil and digging around for a few old hammers and files to work into knives or 'hawks... We both don't have a lot of space so trying to keep it simple. Any advice is appreciated in particular people based locally that do some 'smithing in particular with knives/axes... Would be great if we can check things out in person and find someone to get some cutting done on heavier gauge steel as we don't own an oxy torch/plasma cutter.

    Also another local artistic Blacksmith told me to catch up with Corin Urquhart in regards to forge and smithy supplies. Any links, are again, appreciated.



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    Hi Kal
    welcome along to the knife making world.If you scroll to the bottom area of the main page you will find Nirocs blacksmithing supplies, this is Corin (niroc is corin backwards)or on the other hand you can google search Gameco which is same same,
    good luck
    cheers Craig


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      G'day Kal

      Welcome to the forum!

      Looks like you've already got the good oil form the friendly, helpful crew here.

      Enjoy your adventure into forging and looking forward to seeing your work in the Gallery in the near future!!


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        Gday kal welcome to the Abf.


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          G'day, welcome to the forum, have sent you a PM. Cheers


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            Welcome, if after a forge mattm82 is making gas forges and selling them. All you have to do then is buy the burner kit off of corin and you are ready to go.


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              Welcome to the ABF.
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                Cheers Folks,

                Spoke to a very helpful local Artisan (cheers for the plane as well) and feel a whole lot more confident in my attempts now... knocked up a home made furnace and will be getting some files cherry red around nov 20th will let you know how it goes....


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                  Good on you kal, way to go, looking forward to see your efforts. Cheers mate


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                    Hey that's my name!

                    If you need any help just let me know... I must of missed this one when I was down at the Adelaide show last week... anyhow, happy to help if you need it.
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