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  • G'day people

    Hi people,
    I've been researching blade making for a little while now, and started to get some books and tools together to have a go. I'm looking at doing stock removal to start with, but moving to forging in the not to distant future. I have a bit of experience with wood and metal work, but always eager to learn new skills.

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    welcome on in mate, sounds like you have already got some things together and your background will make it a whole lot easier. Stock removal does not need many tools, when you move into forging it opens up your options and can cut down on sanding time, however you do need to collect up a few more things to do this.
    Make sure you post up what ever you make and dont worry we al started somewhere with something really dodgy looking


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      Gday robbie d welcome to the Abf.


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        G'day robbie d

        Welcome to the forum!

        You have certainly come to the right place for advice.

        Looking forward to seeing what you create it the Gallery some time soon!


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          Welcome RobbieD, looking forward to see some of your work later on. Cheers mate


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            Welcome to the forum mate!
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            Stay Sharp!


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              Welcome aboard Rob. If you need supplies, check out niroc's sub forum.
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                Welcome , i'm new here too and theres ton's of info , pretty much all you need here if you look and i'm about 1/3 the way through

                good luck making