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  • Hey there!

    Hello all,
    Obviously I'm new to the forums and I'm also fairly new to the whole knife scene.
    I'm currently in the metro Sydney area of NSW and looking to get a new general purpose outdoors knife soon.
    Glad I've found a great community with lots of knowledgeable people that are pretty local.

    What I currently own: This China made "Hummer" brand liner-lock knife that loses it's edge easily..
    and a Mora (Swiss made?) carbon steel drop point fixed blade fishing knife (no secondary edge)
    That was my favourite, but it's rusted pretty bad. Though it's still retained a paper splitting sharp edge

    Anyway I look forward to being part of this excellent forum and learning a lot.


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    Re: Hey there!

    Welcome to the forum. You'll certainly find people here who can help you out with finding good quality knives.
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      Re: Hey there!

      welcome to the fourm
      i eat carbon fibre


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        Re: Hey there!


        Sounds like you need some new tools, I'm sure what you find here will help you make some good choices.

        Warrick Edmonds
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          Re: Hey there!

          I thought I was the only sucker out that that owned the Hummer folder. Was 80% off so I thought, why not? Still paid too much for it. Lesson learned.

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