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    Hi guys. New here
    Name is Kallen. Bourn and bred a crow eater (south aussie), situated in the south east.
    My main hobby is 4x4'n and camping. Weapon of choice is a nissan patrol td42 LWB, currently undergoing some works.
    Love getting out and about with my young family of 4 (wife and 2 girls).
    Im a boilermaker by trade and have always had an interest with knifes, but not enough to warrant collecting or making.
    I wasn't untill a couple of guys started a thread on the nissan forum showing their work and collections that is really started to interest me, and after watching some vids on youtube ive decided to give it a crack..
    I run a small business from home so have a basic range of tools to start, will build a small furnaces to heat teat, and hand tools for the rest ATM.
    I work full time at a timber mill so getting good steel is not a problem, i currently have stashed about 3m2 of 4.5mm saw blade, and hopefully soon have some 3.5mm as well.
    So yea, i think that covers it all.


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    G'day Kallen

    Welcome to the forum!

    I am sure that you will get plenty of help on your knife making journey from the very helpful crew on the forum!!

    Looking forward to seeing your work as you progress!!


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      Gday Kallen welcome to the Abf.


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        Welcome to ABF Kallen


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          Welcome to the Forum mate!
          Australian Knife Magazine


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            So that was a bit of a false start lol.
            Welcome again guys.
            I'm giving this another Crack lol. Finding a more broad blacksmith work is taking my interest.
            I've recently picked up a medium 150 anvil and 4" box vice from a shed clean out on the Olds farm. Happy with those scores.
            I'm looking at making a lpg fueled forge from the 9kg gas bottles.
            I've got all the materials and my head around most of the gear, but I'm unable to find a simple gas jet setup.
            I may ask this question separately to get a better response. Or search first.

            So here's to take to.
            Cheers guys

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              Welcome back ,check out here for your gas needs
              ​​​​​​Knife Mads Gear ABF
              OKS by Shane Facebook


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                Good to have you along for the ride ............ Welcome
                Belong Where The Moment Finds You