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  • Better late than never!

    It occurred to me that I've been on the forum for a year or so but haven't gotten around to doing an intro yet, so here it goes...

    For those I haven't met yet, my name is Ian and I got into knife making through Corin (Niroc) who just happens to be my cousin. I've been to a couple of hammer-ins at his place and one down at Keith's where I've met quite a few of you already. I've finished 3 knives to date and am currently working on 4 and 5. I definitely have a long way to go, but I'm happy with what I've put together so far and the progress I'm making.

    I'm a carpenter by trade, but currently work in retail (in one of those giant green boxes with the red hammers on the side).

    I am very fortunate in that I seem to be the only forum member whose significant other doesn't just tolerate the knife making hobby, but actually joins in and gets as involved as I do!

    Looking forward to seeing what the forums continue to offer up in the future - the advice and inspiration so far has been invaluable!
    Ian Ronald
    Ronald Knives

    Full member and current Treasurer of the Australian Knifemakers Guild

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    Sounds like your other half is a keeper for sure.
    Mine doesn't get involved but doesn't mind that I have this hobby.

    Inside every old man is a young man wondering what the hell happened.

    Pictures of knives I have made/worked on.


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      G'day Ian

      Great to have you on board!

      Looking forward to seeing your creations!


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        Welcome to the Forum mate, please post some pics when you get a chance!

        As for partners getting involved, though not common but you're Significant Other is not the only getting involved. Prime example is the Guild President (Adam Parker), who's lovely wife Terri is very much involved and infact an active Guild member in her own right! We have one of her knives in our kitchen, and though we have a number of custom knives in the drawer, Terri's is usually the first one we reach for! Goes by the name Axe Mistress both on the forum and the maker's mark. But Terri is not the only acomplished female knife maker in the country! Other partners are getting involved in helping with the business or sheath making etc. We even have junior members, as maker's kids get involved also.

        If you come to the Guild show, you will see most spouses happily come along and participate :-)

        Australian Knife Magazine


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          G'day mate, Down Narellan way. Welcome as you now know the guys are terrific here, with a wealth of knowledge.



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            Thanks guys. For those interested in pics, there's pics of my finished three and the wip of number 4 in my thread in the "Custom beer garden" section of the forum. All feedback is welcome!
            Ian Ronald
            Ronald Knives

            Full member and current Treasurer of the Australian Knifemakers Guild


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              Gday Ian an overdue welcome.