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  • Hey there!! :D

    Hi All,

    Firstly my name is Ben. I'm an Underwater Medic in the Navy. I am a HUGE lover of knives!! Absolutely love all types of knives. Have a few different types which I will post pics of when I get a chance.

    I'm basically on here to learn more about knives, find out which ones are recommended for what uses and also where to get them at good prices. Another thing I would like to find out is how many people would be interested in Kydex sheaths. I have been wanting to start making them as a hobby business for some time now and am finally taking the leap. Now the only problem is convincing the wife to let me spend the initial money to get all the equipment required. So anyone who is interested, please let me know so I can bribe the wife. Hahaha.

    Well that's me in a very basic nutshell, so hit me up for a chat.


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    Gee an underwater medic, didn't know that was possible! Welcome aboard mate, plenty of good stuff on here to seperate you from you money, hopefully there'll be a few keen for Kydex sheaths too


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      G'day Ben,Welcome to the ABF. Good to have a serving Pusser onboard, there's a couple of us Ex-Pussers around(QMG), but watch out for the bloody Diggers and now even some RAAFies too, so I don't know what that says about the standards Your in the right place for all the info on knives and kydex.Cheers,Scott


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        Welcome to ABF Ben.
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          Welcome to ABF Ben I look forward to seeing your collection and good luck with the Kydex Business


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            Welcome to ABF . Look forward to seeing what you own and what your going to make.
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              thanks for all the warm welcomes!

              Hey Scott, good to hear about the ex Pussers. Pity about the RAAFies and Diggers, but I guess I can put up with them if you can. Haha

              Hey Lais, yeah an Underwater Medic sounds cooler than it is. Just means I work with our divers and specialise in diving medicine and hyperbaric chamber treatment

              As far as my collection goes, still pretty small at the moment, but going to get more soon, especially once I start making sheaths. Need knives to mould off (that's the excuse I will sell the wife) hahaha


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                G'day Ben.... I suppose it's okay to have another Pusser on board! Hope you pick up a bit of class from the Diggers!

                Hunter (a Digger!)

                EDIT: It just occurred to me that a Navy medic probably saved my life aboard a Navy chopper when my lung collapsed and everything else was shutting down. BUGGER! I'm indebted to bloody Pussers!
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                  Welcome aboard
                  Stewart Townsend
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                    Gday Ben welcome to the Abf, I look forward to seeing some photos of your collection. I think there's a few around that would be interested in some kydex sheath's.


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                      welcome aboard Ben from another ex pusser , i'm sure when you get up and running with the Kydex and post some of your work the orders will come ,
                      which ship/establishment are you currently serving on ?


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                        Welcome Ben, also another ex Jack here. DDG and Anzac Stoker.

                        Lots of people happy to share their knowledge on hee mate.
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                          Good to meetcha, love leather and kydex hate bloody nylon sheaths, gotta bit of work for ya already, as long as the prices are ok. Enjoy your time here, I have.


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                            G'day Ben welcome to the ABF.


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                              Welcome. I could do with kydex sheaths every now and then. I bet you swim faster than me.