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    Hello ABF,

    My name is Brent and I am live in Nambour QLD. When I was young I started my interests with knives from joining my local scout group in Hervey Bay.

    I have since moved to Nambour but I still enjoy going camping and like getting out even if its just for a weekend. The knives that I am interested in are mostly bush craft or multipurpose/pocket knives (leatherman).

    Thanks ABF I hope I am welcomed and hope you all have a great new year


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    G'day mate! Welcome to ABF! That's a real nice part of the country you live in!


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      Gday Brent welcome to the Abf.


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        Welcome aboard
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          Welcome to the forum Brent


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            Welcome to ABF Brent
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              Hey Brent. Welcome to ABF.

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                Thanks Everyone for the great welcome

                Originally posted by Hunter Hunter View Post
                G'day mate! Welcome to ABF! That's a real nice part of the country you live in!
                Yeah it is nice, its been quite hot here over the past few days. So much so we have exceeded some of our all time highest temps

                It has even caused some fires to break out which keeps myself busy as I am with the Rural Fire Service also.


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                  Welcome to the forum.
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                    G'day Brent. Good to have you here. Plenty of good stuff on bushcraft/survival/multi tools here.

                    Any questions - lots of collective wisdom to draw upon.
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                      G'day Brent

                      Welcome to the forum!

                      There are a few of us here who like to get out bush. Sadly I don't get out as often as I would like.


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                        Hi mate welcome to the forum, brace your wallet for new purchases lol.


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                          Originally posted by Graham View Post
                          Hi mate welcome to the forum, brace your wallet for new purchases lol.
                          Haha I know. I am inching to buy a couple of knives. I really want a good already EDC as well as a bushcraft knife.

                          The bushcraft knife I would like to be able to use for battoning, feathering and just general fire & wood preparation.

                          As for an EDC I would like a multi tool, something I can use at work as a box cutter and anything else I might find useful. It would also be good if I can make use of it on the fire ground since I am with the Rural Fire Service (RFS). I know when using the knife as part of the RFS I have a fairly good reason to carry but I am not sure what the rules are in regards to carry a knife in public when at work (I work within a shopping center/complex).


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                            Welcome to the forum.