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G,day from Woody.

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  • G,day from Woody.

    Hi to all forum members,
    Thought I'd better get me act together and let you all know a bit about me. Been living in hills east of Perth all me life and started me working life as a cabinet maker which I found very little enjoyment and wasn't until I left that scene and went to work for a tree lopper that I found my niche. Spent a few years on the ground learning the ropes and then took to the trees, fantastic physical outdoor job. Always brought wood home and anything that had an interesting grain or colour got special attention and was carefully looked after. As my fantastic job gradually wrecked my body I spent more time turning some of the wood I had collected into something so started wood turning but moved into free form work which I really like. So me aerial acrobatics are over but every now and then I still get up a tree and fond memories flood back of the years I spent as climber in the tree industry. In recent years I have gotten into forge welding various steels together and most of this being done in a can or dry welded. Many things still to be learned but I'm finding it very interesting and so won't be stopping any time soon and as soon as summer is over its crank up the forge time. As for the tons of wood stored in me shed well from time to time I will be putting some of it up on the forum for sale, Tinbasher [ thanks Richard ] was kind enough to put a batch of my blocks on his site before I joined up. I ain't the best with a computer and the mongrel things do me head in, so go easy on me.



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    G'day Rod - welcome to ABF Look forward to seeing some more of your timber.
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      welcome aboard Rod , good to see another west aussie on abf


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        Hey Rod,good to hear from you!
        I love the timber that you sent me, thanks.
        "Welcome to the Forum"!


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          Hey Woody, welcome aboard. Was thinking of grabbing some of that timber but am running out of room a the moment for that kind of stuff. My brother is actually working for a tree aboreast? but even though I ask he never gets me any of the wood with interesting grain, he chucks it all in the chipper.


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            Gday Rod - welcome to the forum mate! The jarrah you sent looks great, hope to see some more and glad the bush fires didn't clean you out!

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              Welcome Rod, as AB said, good to have another West Aussie on here.
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                G'day Rod

                Welcome to the forum!

                Looks like you already know half the blokes here.

                Don't be afraid to ask questions.

                I am sure that you will have a lot to contribute to the forum.


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                  G'day and welcome to the forum.


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                    Welcome to the forum.


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                      Hay rod
                      Welcome aboard. The jarrah I got from you was first class and the photo of the demasicus knife you made was a very nice looking blade.



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                        Thanks for the welcome, will have some wood up on the forum end of the week.


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                          Welcome Rod


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                            Welcome to the forum mate


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                              Gday Rod welcome to the Abf.