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  • G'day

    I didn't know what else to make the title, hehe.

    23, from Perth, been making knives on and off for a "few" years, most ending up crap, some being purely experimental(like trying to "forge" a bit of aluminium tube into a bar to make a works, kind of, but you end up with more of a fork after a while. Got a nice scar from that one), using bench shears to get the end taper, etc. To the not so experimental, using bits of cheap steel to make machetes, small pocket knives, etc.

    Decided it's finally time to get back into making them, mainly because I couldn't find any which fit my requirements. Unfortunately, now that I'm older and wiser, I've lost most of my access to the important things, mainly a grinder and a sturdy bench. Luckily I still have all my metal files, they are expensive these days.

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    G'day mate welcome to the forum, you'll soon be knocking up those sharp pointy things.


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      G'day Irukanji

      Welcome to the forum!

      You are fortunate! There are plenty of members in Perth who will be able to put you on the right track.

      Looking forward to seeing successful examples of your work in future.

      Interesting call sign!

      I always associate Irukanji with poisonous box jelly fish!


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        Yeah... the word "Irukanji" has a pretty scary connotation for those of us who have lived, served or worked in Northern Australia! Welcome to ABF, mate! Enjoy!!!


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          welcome aboard Irukanji , you will get plenty of tips here to help make a decent knife or two all you have to do is ask


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            Gday and welcome to the Abf Irukanji.


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              Welcome to ABF Irukanji. Good luck with getting back into the knife making. Look forward to seeing some of your work

              Now making custom Kydex Knife Sheaths


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                Hi & welcome to the forum


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                  Hopefully not too many "tips" if you know what I mean


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                    Welcome to the forum! Don't forget to post pictures of your creations!
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                    Stay Sharp!


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                      Welcome to ABF
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