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    Hi all. Brutally cold here, but I would think that wherever you are in the land down under, it is warm and sunny. This is my first time here and I have a question that I am hoping someone here can answer. Many years back, I had the pleasure of meeting Marcello Pedini, a master engraver of considerable talent. When he first came to NY, he had engraved many knives for me and we even shared a table at the New York Knife Show. A few years later, I lost touch with Marcello and have searched all this time till I found his name and that he is now in Australia and still engraving. Is there anyone here who is familiar with Marcello and who could provide an address so that I may contact him and renew the friendship? I would be much appreciative.

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    Hi NYGuy it is not too hot here only 41 degrees but that is Celsius nearly 106 degrees F.
    I do recall the engraver being here somewhere in Victoria I think Peter Del Raso uses his services, message Peter here on this forum.

    here is a link
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      Its about 17 degrees here and a wind chill that makes it feel just below 0! I think I would trade you for the difference. When I was researching the web, I came across the discussion about Marcello Pedini being in Victoria. That is how I got here. Thank you for the info.


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        G'day NYguy... it's a lovely cool 37 celcius here where I am! That's a 100 f! Welcome to ABF!


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          Welcome to the forum mate!
          Yep, it's pretty warm here, definately going to be over 100F tomorrow!

          Ausblade is correct, Peter Del Raso uses Marcello on a lot of his knives and has done for a number of years. Shouldn't be hard to get hold of, if you send Peter a PM, I'm sure he'll tell you how to get in touch with him.
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            G'day NY GUY

            Welcome to the forum!

            Why don't you go the Gallery and show us some of your collection.

            Regards Dutchy

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              Gday NY Guy welcome to the Abf. I look forward to seeing some photos of your collection, and if you have some photos of the engraved knives they would be great to see.


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                Welcome to ABF
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                  welcome downunder mate


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                    G'day and welcome to the forum.