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  • Green Grass from Brisbane

    G'day, my name is Kyle, I'm 25, I'm from the north side of Brisbane and I'm a new dad (bub's 9 weeks old).
    While my wife was pregnant I started thinking about my rather expensive hobbies, which included Paintball, building a lotus 7 replica from plans (which is currently a pile of steel waiting to be assembled), sports shooting and so on, and came to the conclusion I needed to find cheaper hobbies that'd keep me close to home.

    I read a lot of books and while browsing one of my favourite online stores I stumbled onto a book "the $50 knife shop".
    A short while later I'm learning how to make my own knives and really enjoying the process.

    I look forward to being satisfied enough with something I make that I can share it with you all!

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    Welcome to ABF Kyle. Congrats on the new bub, it's a great adventure. I'm an ex-Ashgrove guy so know the northside of Brisvegas well. I really have to get myself a copy of that book sometime.


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      Thanks Nighthawk, I'll PM you a link to where I got it from shortly.


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        Welcome aboard
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          G'day Kyle

          Welcome to the forum!

          I am certain that the members here will only be too willing to provide you with all of the advice you need.

          I'm not sure that your expenditure will stop at $50.00 but I am sure that you will double the outlay in satisfaction!!

          Looking forward to seeing your creations (even your car) in the Gallery in the future!

          Regards Dutchy

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            G'day mate and welcome to the forum.


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              Welcome mate.
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                Welcome to the forum!

                I certainly never managed to control the spending on my knifemaking, Some people collect knives... I collect tools to make knives....

                In any case, welcome to the hobby and I look forward to meeting at a show or meet one day!
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                Stay Sharp!


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                  Gday Kyle welcome to the Abf. Good luck with containing your spending.


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                    Welcome to ABF
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                      Originally posted by Dutchy357 View Post

                      I'm not sure that your expenditure will stop at $50.00 but I am sure that you will double the outlay in satisfaction!!

                      Regards Dutchy
                      That's for sure! I downloaded that bloody book a few years ago... and I have lost count of what the hobby has cost me since! It's a good book to get someone started... but I have to say that when I read it the first time, my reaction was, "Yeah right... I'm going to do everything the hard way...NOT!"


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                        welcome aboard Tankeyone