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    Greetings folks.

    I’ve been lucky enough through most of my adult years to be involved in, and have wide access to plenty of metal working and wood working tools and machinery and I describe myself as the atypical “jack of all trades and master of none”.

    One of my favourite sayings is “what would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” and as I’ve been slowly adding to my repertoire of skills, I have now decided to add knife making to the list.

    It’s not that I don’t have enough metal working projects, far from it!

    Recently I was fortunate enough to inherit a very old British made anvil (approximately 240 pounds in weight) and a box of incredibly rusty bits of metal. Fortunately for me, it turns out many of these rusty bits of metal are heads of quite old blacksmith hammers and associated pincers, tongs and other relevant tools.

    I’m slowly restoring these pieces and have been really pleased with the results! Soon, once I find my way around the forum I will post some before and after photo’s as I’m quite proud of how they have turned out.

    My plan at this stage is to start with some hardened steel I obtained from a broken cutting disk off an industrial metal saw, and manufacture some fixed blade knives whilst I hone my skills.

    Next up, once I build my forge, will be to start working on basic techniques and teach myself layering techniques and all the other good stuff. I’m a huge fan of pocket sized folders and ultimately I plan on making these, though will start off slowly.

    If you’ve taken the time to read this, thanks, and I look forward to being an active contributor to the forum.


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    Welcome to ABF Jase Good luck with your knife making endeavour and i hope you enjoy ABF


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      Welcome to ABF Jase! there are many incredable knife makers on here (not me) and they are generous with their knowledge.

      Enjoy mate.



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        Good to see you joined. ;-)

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          Welcome to the forum!

          Looks like you are off to a fantastic head start, particularly with that anvil!

          Keep us posted as you progress and of course, if we can ever assist, please just ask!
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          Stay Sharp!


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            Welcome aboard Jase, great score on the anvil.

            I'm guessing the broken blade is off a cold saw (Brobo) The steel in those is S7 from memory and way too brittle for a knife blade at its current hardness. Also working it in it's current state will be nearly impossible. Just letting you know what you are up against so as you don't get discouraged before you start. If you want to use it, goggle scandi or chisel grind, as these will give you the greatest chance of success.
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              Thanks for the welcome folks.

              Peter, it is from a cold cut saw.

              Like a lot of my stuff ive been carting this piece of saw blade round for "many" years.

              Thanks for the advice, i'll give Professor Google a work out later.



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                Welcome to the forum. I'll be looking forward to seeing before and after pictures of what you have restored... Good luck with the knife making, this is the place to be for information.


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                  G'day Jase, welcome to the forum.


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                    G'day Jase

                    Welcome to the forum!

                    I am sure you will get plenty of help from our very knowledgeable members.

                    As Caldavis said, it would be great to see the gear that you have inherited and restored.

                    Plenty of room in the Gallery for the images.


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                      Gday Jase welcome to the Abf. It sounds like a good anvil you've got there.


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                        Welcome to ABF Jase, I don't think you will be an FNG for long by the sound of your skills background.


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                          Welcome to the forum Jase. I am also a bit of "Jack of All Trades" (Medic, Fencer, Tattooist, Kydex Sheath maker etc) so I know where you are coming from. Haha.
                          Look forward to seeing your progress.



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                            Welcome to ABF
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