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  • Hello

    Hi guys

    My name is Cesar, I'm from Sydney. I've been into 'something sharp' ever since I remember. I've got a modest collection now, with time and increase of knowledge the quality and prices of new pieces increase... (Gee does it ever stop?) I wish i had the time to go and properly field test each and every knife I own. And let's be honest, it sucks that carrying is illegal!

    Have not made a knife yet. I've tried my hand at handle replacement, with mixed results, well what can you expect from a 15 year old?
    I have a few ideas so I'll give it my best one day. These days I'm contemplating converting my varied clothing items into micarta, for the fun of it, to see how it will turn out, and to replace a few sets of scales.

    Have been watching ABF on and off for some time now, and just wanted to get in touch with some like-minded people. I'm sick of general public vilifying knives, it's not like they just get up and start stabbing on their own, they are tools first, ok maybe eye candy first, and weapons somewhere down the track.

    Have some stuff on it's way, will post some pics for you maniacs when I get them.

    Well then, see you around and keep up the good work!


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    Re: Hello

    Hey Cesar. Welcome along. Good to see someone younger than me
    I update more regularly and post things for sale first on my FB page and Instagram. So check it out and LIKE to stay up to date.
    Instagram @kingsfordknives
    ingsford Knives.


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      Re: Hello

      Welcome to the forum.
      Quantum physics is a bit of a passion of mine. It's extraordinary. There's a branch of mathematics that is based on lunacy, and that's wonderful.

      - Bob Hoskins -
      bibo et lego et cogito ergo sum