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  • Hello

    Hi ABF members. I have recently become interested in collecting a few styles of knives that have always interested me - specifically Khukuri/Kukri knives. I had one as a kid but that was many many years ago and I have no idea what has happened to it. I was hoping that joining up here I might be able to access some of the more experienced members knowlegde and advice in the future.

    I guess firstly can anyone recommend a good online source for these knives? Prefferebly directly from Nepal.

    I have been looking at these two sites and am confused by the the fact that these sites (and many others) claim they are the genuine Neplaese supplier.

    Has anyone got any experience in ordering from either of these sites?
    I want to actually use the knife as I go camping a lot and my Cold Steel Bushman is looking a little sad now days.

    Any advice appreciated.



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    Re: Hello

    Welcome to the forum.
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      Re: Hello

      Welcome along Ben,

      I have heard good repostrs from HI. They have a sub forum on Blade: ... an-Imports

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        Re: Hello

        Welcome to the forum mate.

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          Gidday Ben, welcome to the forum
          wave man AKA Dean
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            Hi Ben,
            Welcome mate. Good luck with your kukri hunting!
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