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  • Me again

    Just sayin' hi, Iused to be on the old forum as elasmonut and am now just me instead of my old ebay addict alias.
    Mostly come here to lurk and look at knife porn, but am also a part time knifemaker and probationary member of the guild based in the east of Melb.
    So I will start to post some pics of my work as it progresses.

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    You cannot have two accounts on the forum. PM me the email address associated with the user you wish to have deleted.

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      For anyone looking for a top-notch kydex sheath maker, I can recommend Rob.

      I recently had a couple of sheaths made and was really happy with the result. I hope to have some photos up soon.
      I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me Superman: Homer J Simpson.


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        Looking forward to checking out your future work Rob. You had some nice blades at the Lethbridge BSI comp.
        Think for yourself and Question authority !

        Getting better one blade at a time. Advice always accepted knowledge never withheld.


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          Welcome along Rob

          Member Australian Knife Makers Guild
          Brook Knives Australia on Facebook


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            Hi Rob,

            wecomen, benvenue, come on in. How are those next three knives coming? No pressure, he he he.

            Peter Del Raso
            Life Member
            Australian Knifemakers Guild


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              Gidday Robert, welcome to the forum
              wave man AKA Dean
              my YouTube channel
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                Hi Robert! Looking forward to seeing your artful creations!
                Nothing but a knife, a flint and a water bottle...


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                  Thanks guys and yes Peter those three knives are still comin', but I have been keeping busy building a better grinder, thanks for the advice mate.