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  • Hi from Tharwa

    Great to see this up

    I really enjoy making things with my hands, starting with raw materials and ending up with something that works and is good to look at.

    Been making knives for about 18 years, forging and making damascus. Just starting to get the hang of it . I've been teaching for about 5 years at the Tharwa Valley Forge, my workshop, and I'm keen to encourage others to take up knifemaking. About 200 people have come through and done a course, making a couple of knives, and realising it is something they could do. Time, technique and practice always help improve your work, as well as having a healthy dose of self criticism and being receptive to feedback.

    I feel I have learnt a huge amount from people coming through the TVF and the really interesting knives that they design and make. Things I never would have thought of. And I think my work has improved because of it. I'd encourage any of you who had the opportunity to teach someone these skills to do so. You'll be amazed how much you will learn.

    I like making fixed blades that are designed for use. I forge my blades in a gas forge and make my own damascus. I like hidden tang knives that use interesting woods that are good to hold. Making tools and jigs interests me as well.

    I'm happy to share ideas or help out. Nothing I do is a secret. I try and put tutorials and how to's on my website to share the knowledge.

    Anyway, all the best to everyone here and I'll enjoy helping this grow.

    Happy Hammering (or grinding)

    Tharwa Valley Forge

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    Re: Hi from Tharwa

    Welcome to the forum Karim. Feel free to let me know if you have any ideas on how the forum could best serve custom makers.
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      Re: Hi from Tharwa

      Hi Karim,

      Hows it going? I should have some knives finished finally in the next few weeks mate. There at hills in melbourne at the moment. Thanks for the intro to Bruce Barnett too.

      Have a good one,

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        Re: Hi from Tharwa

        hi karim good to see you here
        i eat carbon fibre


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          Re: Hi from Tharwa

          Great to see you here Karim. I will be over to see you in the, hopefully, not too distant future..