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  • Hi all

    Hi there,

    Well this might be a little muddled, but here it goes, im 27 from melbourne, and well just have come back to knife collecting and using and enjoying loved them as a kid, partly cus i was not aloud to have them, but now i find my self lusting after new blades all the time, i love my folding knifes esp assisted but with the state of affairs at the moment it's been hard to get any folding knives, so i turned to fixed blades, and starting watching Kyley Harris' vid's on youtube (Knivesandstuff), to date i have 4 of his knives, hiker, belt, CKC 1.0 #10 , forrester #5 . i must say they are great "user" knives not all polished and perfect finish but done to a level that they are made for to use,

    anyway enough rambling i'll catch you all around.

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    Re: Hi all

    Welcome to the forum.
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