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  • G'day from SA

    Hi all , Mat here , my first love is multitools I am quite nutty about them. As a sideline I seem to be acquiring quite a number of knives. I have a real soft spot for US made Schrades & Camillus knives. I have a Camillus Cuda CY1 Cyber knife on the way from the US , it is a knife I have wanted for quite some time & a buddy in the US is helping me out nailing one down . I seem to be attracting a lot of Alox SAKs as well. It is great to see Duchy357 here ,he has been a great help to me with my Whittingslowe knife/tool collection. Look forward to ploughing through the info here guys & sharing some of my sharp pointy things with you


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    Welcome to the forum.
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      Hi Multimat.
      I have a small collection of Schrade & Camillus. I've never heard of the knife you mention, & would love to see some pics.


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        Welcome Mat. My trusty leatherman Juice is often a companion on my hikes.
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          Hi Mat

          Welcome to the forum. I am sure that you will be able to contribute a lot to the forum, especially when the discussion turns to Mulittools. I think you will find many of us here carry and use Multitools as a matter of habit but don't ever think of them as collectables.

          Regards Dutchy

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            Welcome Matt! Looking forward to hearing more about your knives and collection so far. You're in the right place for sure!
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              Welcome the cyber knife the one with the circuit board handle?


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                Welcome mat! Sounds like you have good taste in knives


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                  Thanks for the warm welcome guys , cheers.

                  Originally posted by GTVi View Post
                  Welcome the cyber knife the one with the circuit board handle?
                  Sure is GTVi , I am getting it's baby brother the CY2 for Christmas & hopefully my US buddy will be receiving the CY1 shortly. I have no idea why this knife sung to me , I just decided I had to have it

                  Apparently the Data board is as robust as G10 but I have read the edges are a little sharp & need a bit of sanding to make comfortable.


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                    Gidday Mat, welcome to the forum.
                    wave man AKA Dean
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