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G'day, I'm Dave.

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  • G'day, I'm Dave.

    G'day Chaps (and ladies),

    My name is Dave and I hail from country NSW near Bathurst.

    I'm not a knife collector per se but I do have a fair few laying about the place. I do have some folding sheffield knives that go back into the mid eighteen hundreds that have been handed down through six generations of my family along with the family property which I suppose you could say are collectibles (since I no longer use them) but the rest of what I've got are simply knives that I've bought to do work. I guess you could say my interest is not so much acquiring a collection of knives but acquiring knives that suit my purpose. I have a love for mechanical engineering and precision manufacture and a good folding knife can get my juices flowing, so to speak.

    Just like all the cars, clocks, watches, furniture, tools, gun, fountain pens etc that I have acquired large numbers of, I'm still in the search for one knife that suits all my needs. I haven't found it yet. It seems to be by and test, buy and test, buy and test ad infinitum.

    I haven't been in the country all my life, having spent over thirty of my younger years in Sydney before returning here to the quite life and I'm not sure it's safe to admit this given some of the threads I've read on here but I am a former senior Customs Officer having served for seventeen years..................

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    G'day Dave.

    Originally posted by JaguarDave View Post
    I am a former senior Customs Officer having served for seventeen years..................
    That is very interesting indeed. Hopfully you might have some helpful insight in regards to the current state of play regarding the change of import laws that took effect on 14.12.11.

    I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me Superman: Homer J Simpson.


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      Welcome along Dave,

      Into English cars too I guess with a name like that?

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        Hi Jaguar Dave. Welcome!

        It's great to have an ex-customs here. I am sure you'll get a lot of questions from members. Your experience will be very helpful to us all.

        Personally I've found that it's hard to be content with any one knife no matter how many you may have. Just gotta buy one more...
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          Originally posted by knives2survive View Post
          Personally I've found that it's hard to be content with any one knife no matter how many you may have. Just gotta buy one more...
          I found the same with Jaguars and clocks and Valiants and watches etc etc.

          As for helping with insight into new Customs rules and procedures, I retired from there in 1997 and last was stationed at the International Mail Exchange back in the very early eighties when it was still at Redfern so I could offer nothing in regards to new rules other than an experienced eye when reading, interpreting and applying legislation and policy. What I can offer is a reasonably decent interpretation of how and why Customs officers look at things the way they do and how they operate since I have been there and done that.....................


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            Welcome to the forum Dave.
            I think your search for the "one knife" wil inevitably lead you to a collection - that's how most of us started. The thing is, it's like finding the "one" car, or watch etc. you need the right tool for the right job (at the right time), but the search is educational and rewarding.

            Also, as people have already said, it would be great to have your input on Customs legislations. I doubt anyone here has anything personal against customs officers, rather the confusion and lack of consistency in the interpretation of legislation.
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              Gidday Dave, welcome to the forum
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                Hi JD

                Good to have you aboard.

                I am sure you will have plenty to contribute.

                I have only one rule when it comes to assessing knives for my collection:

                "There is always room for one more!!"


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                  Welcome Dave!

                  I suppose its human nature to lose the novelty in just one thing only to find something else will interest you!

                  You'll buy one, then another then another......until you find the one (you think) then you'll buy another Enjoy!

                  All the best!