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  • Gday fellows--

    just started, anybody shoot percussion rifles?

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    G'day Hawken and welcome.

    Just a tip, don't bring a Gun to a Knfe fight. Hahaha made myself laugh! Just kiding around mate, the more the merrier.
    Peter Del Raso
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      Welcome Hawken! Enjoy ABF.
      Nothing but a knife, a flint and a water bottle...


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        Welcome to the forum Hawken! Don't mind Peter while he amuses himself (LOL that put a smile on MY face), a lot of us share a passion for firearms and I'm sure there are some that are into black powder as well.
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          Welcome to the forum. It's good to have you here.

          I didn't know what a percussion rifle was until I googled it. Seems interesting, but I have no experience with them (the furthest I've ever got is bunny busting with an old crappy .22 on my uncle's farm). Does it look the same as a 'normal' rifle?
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            Gidday Hawken, welcome to the forum. I am afraid I have never shot a front stuffer, smokeless firearms all the way for me.
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              Welcome to ABF - see why you chose that name - reminds me of the scene in Jeremiah Johnson where he prys the Hawken off the frozen hands of a dead trapper who gifted it to whoever found his body

              I've tested the "once you try black you won't go back" with BP and the 'other' and can't agree with that rhyme for either meaning.

              Nonetheless a few of mates at the gun club are right into it, one of them even makes his own percussion caps out of aluminium cans and toy-capgun tape. While I'm not adverse to using their percussions/flintlocks/BP cartridge for the occasional BP shoot, I won't use BP with my guns cause I'm not into the messy cleanup afterwards.
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                G'day Hawken!!

                Easy to see where your call sign comes from.


                I have a couple of Front End Loaders.

                Enfield Artillery Carbine in .58 and an Enfield Volunteer in .45. I plan to dust the cob webs out and take the .45 next time I go fox hunting.

                I also have Springfield carbine in 45/70.


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                  Welcome aboard Hawken!

                  First name, Samuel ?