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Older collector, new to this forum!

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  • Older collector, new to this forum!

    Greetings all!

    I've been collecting knives and researching edged weapons for some years...kind of started collecting custom knives, then ethnographic odds and ends, moving in to Military blade ware bayonets and the like. I enjoy collecting, and I like Dutchy's often posted notion of being a custodian. I've passed on a lot of knives over the years, and purchased or swapped others to enjoy. There are a few keepers I'll give to the kids when they are old enough to appreciate them. I have been a member of the AKC, and thoroughly enjoyed Keith and Joans magazine. I like Ian Skennertons books as well, and like shooting old military rifles and blackpowder long arms when I have the time.
    Any how, great to see an Australian Forum. I've seen the American ones, and don't rate them much.
    C-S-V 68.

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    Hi C-S-V welcome to the forum mate! As you can probably tell already, this isn't like the US forums, we do things a bit different here (and a hell of a lot friendlier!). Would love to see some pics of your collection, sounds interesting.
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      Sounds like you know your stuff. Don't be shy to post some pics


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        Welcome aboard.
        Stewart Townsend
        Australian Knifemakers Guild

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          Gidday Callsign-Vampire-68, welcome to the forum
          wave man AKA Dean
          my YouTube channel
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            I endorse the already given welcome and look forward to seeing images of the knives you are looking after.

            I am sure you will have much that you can contribute.


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              G'day mate. Hope you enjoy the forum.
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                Welcome to the forum, interesting nick name did you fly de Havilland Vampires in the RAAF or RAN before they were retired in 71?


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                  Welcome to the forum.
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                    Originally posted by Callsign-Vampire-68 View Post
                    ................... I've seen the American ones, and don't rate them much.
                    C-S-V 68.
                    Welcome to KF

                    My chief interest these days is in kitchen cutlery and sharpening and since these are not really covered here comprehensively I continue to frequent some of the USA forums. I've found that and to be imformative and polite forums - unlike some of the others.

                    BTW - KF has recently been bought by Blade Magazine
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