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  • Hi From FNQ

    Wedge here. TBH I stumbled upon this site after finding an old Edge Brand 445 Bowie rusting away downstairs and searching for a restorer. Now I am supressing the urge to get into collecting. See you around!

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    G'day mate and welcome.good place to hang your hat.

    God sat back and said,Pauls,what is the meaning of life bloke?


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      Gidday Wedge, welcome to the forum
      wave man AKA Dean
      my YouTube channel
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        Welcome to ABF. This is not a good place to hang out if you have urge suppression issues.


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          Whats that, another QLDer? Welcome along Wedge.
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            Hi Wedge. Hope you can find a restorer mate. Enjoy the forum.
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              Welcome aboard Wedge. You know, you could have a go at restoring it yourself - you could save a few $$ and learn somethinng new at the same time... you never know where it will lead you After all, it's not like restoring an old '57 Chev, and there are lots of people here who'd be more than happy to give you some advise.

              Just a thought...
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