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Hi. Bukijin in Sydney. Interested in knives :)

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  • Hi. Bukijin in Sydney. Interested in knives :)

    Hi everyone. Bukijin in Sydney here. Recently became interested in knives again and found this forum.

    Used to collect but only have a few knives now. Going to build up a bit of a collection again. Lots of good info here. Looking forward to learning from you guys...

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    Welcome aboard
    Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want


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      Welcome to the forum mate!
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        Welcome to the forum.
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          Gidday bukijin, welcome to the forum
          wave man AKA Dean
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            Hey bukijin! Great to see you jumped in and joined up. You won't regret being part of a great knife forum such as ABF thats for sure. Welcome mate.!
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